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important for search engine optimization if you have not configured your Blogger blog to publish to a domain. In addition, Movable Type and TypePad URLs do not have a one-for-one equivalent on WordPress, so you need to use a plugin to alter WordPress permalinks to the appropriate Movable Type equivalent. However, the most important aspect of a migration is the blog data itself, and you can migrate the data fairly reliably across all supported blogging platforms. In the following sections, I discuss how to import data from six of the most popular blogging platforms into WordPress.
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Windows Phone is a brand-new mobile platform, and experience with a Windows Mobile device is no more relevant than iPhone or Android experience. For this reason, the book covers some background material related to the whys as well as the hows of Windows Phone before delving into specific applications and features. This background material is, I feel, very important to gaining an understanding and firm grounding in Windows Phone. This book covers only those applications, hubs, and services that come with every Windows Phone. It is possible no, almost a certainty that Microsoft, device
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17. Now, Windows 7 finalizes your settings, prepares your desktop, and takes you to it, as shown in Figure 2-18. You re done! Well, not quite.
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Because the Edge Flange is not dependent on a sketch for its angle like the Base Flange is, you can set the angle in the Angle panel of the PropertyManager. The values that this selection box can accept range from any value larger than zero to any value smaller than 180. Of course, each flange has practical limits. In the flange shown in Figure 29.13, the limitation is reached when the bend radius runs into the rectangular notch in the middle of the flange to the right, at about 158 degrees. The angle affects all of the flanges that are made with the feature. To create a situation where different flanges have different angles, you need to create separate flange features.
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Part 1: Starting Out with Ubuntu
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Be careful when using balloons on assembly drawings or other drawings that already have balloons on them for other purposes. It may be a good idea to use a distinctively shaped balloon for Revision Tables. n
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U.S. Social Security Number U.S. Zip Code Internet Email Address
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This is a simple page, but it shows what you can do with the Label control. You could also build the page by grabbing and dropping a Label control from the Toolbox in Visual Studio .NET onto your page. Looking at the code, you notice that the controls are placed between form tags. The form needs to have the attribute runat=server in order to work properly. Within the script tags at the top of the page are two subroutines. The first subroutine, Page_Load, is fired when the page loads. In this routine, the Label control contains the text "Hello World!" The second routine is a click event for the button on the page called Button1_click. For this event, you change the Label control text by establishing the text the same way as you did in the Page_Load event. All you are doing is reassigning a new value to the Label control in the button click event. Notice that the script tag has two required attributes. The first establishes the language the script uses. In this case, you are using language=VB, but you could have used language=C# (for the purposes of this book, you should stick to VB .NET). The second attribute is runat=server, which specifies that this script is to run on the server, not on the client. You are building controls that the server interprets and generates the appropriate HTML for the browser that is viewing the page. In this way, you are always assured of downward compatibility for your pages. So, for the page with the Label control that you just created, the code generated looks like that in Listing 35-2 for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (which you should have if you installed Visual Studio .NET on your machine). Listing 35-2: Code Generated from Listing 35-1 Controls
Table 17.1
CheckBox7 However, if you had the RepeatDirection set to Vertical and the RepeatColumns set to 3, your check boxes would lay out in the following manner: CheckBox1 CheckBox2 CheckBox4 CheckBox5 CheckBox7
Just press Return at this point to select the default option of Y. The ntpdate update package is downloaded and installed, and you re done. Don t worry if you ve never heard of ntpdate (although in this case, it s a client to the Network Time Protocol daemon, which keeps your system s clock up to date); the point with this update mechanism is that it keeps the software on your computer current, most often with bug fixes and security improvements. It s a good idea to run the update and upgrade cycle regularly to ensure your system runs optimally. There s one more trick you may find yourself doing with apt-get: dist-upgrade. This is a big one: With one command, you can upgrade to the most recent major version of Ubuntu. If you re running, say, Ubuntu 8.04 now and want to move up to 9.10, issue that command, and the system takes care of the rest. Suffice to say you won t use dist-upgrade very often, but it s a great way to stay current with Ubuntu, especially when you re running a dedicated server from your remote office. So far, I ve talked about how to install and manage packages. But how do you know what you ve got installed already, and how do you find what packages are available That s what apt-cache is for. This little tool lets you query both the repository and your own system s package database to give you the complete package information. One of my most-used commands is the search command. Let s say you re looking for a textbased web browser:
12. Is it good to have more than one spyware program Why or why not
Association for Healthcare Ph lanthropy (AHP) Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Council for Advancement and Support of Educa ion (CASE) G ving Institute: Leading Consultants to Non Profits
utter simplicity and mind-numbingly confusing. It may not be obvious, but this phase of setup is aimed at experts, and for the most part you should simply choose the first option, Make Windows Media Player the default music and video player. However, if you have strong feelings about using a different media player for specific file types, you can choose the second option. If you do, understand that you ll need to deal with Windows 7 s horrible and unfriendly Set Program Associations utility, which is shown in Figure 11-4. Here, you can configure which media file types will be associated that is, played with Windows Media Player.
future printing. If the image has been selected to print, the DPOF3 symbol appears visible here.
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