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9. The following system is used to give an estimate of the exposure to electromagnetic waves from a BS and an MS: consider communication between the BS and MS separated by a distance d in the 900-MHz band. The ground plane is treated as perfectly conducting, with antenna heights hBS = 10 m and hMS = 1.5 m. The antenna gains are GBS = 6 dB and GMS = 2 dB, respectively. On a straight line between the BS and MS, at a distance of 3 m from the MS and a height href = 1.5m, there is a Reference Antenna (RA), picking up signals from both, which can be used to measure exposure. The RA has a gain Gref . Assume that Eq. (4.24) can be used to describe transmission between the BS and MS as well as between the BS and RA, although transmission between the MS and RA is better described by Friis law due to the short distance. (a) Assume that the BS has a 10-dB lower requirement on the received power available at the antenna output and determine expressions for (as functions of distance d and RX min sensitivity level PRX,MS of the MS): (i) required transmit power by the BS, PTX,BS ; (ii) required transmit power by the MS, PRX,BS ; BS (iii) received power in the reference antenna from the BS, PRX,ref ; MS (iv) received power in the reference antenna from the MS, PRX,ref . MS BS (b) Use the expressions from (a) to determine the difference in dB between PRX,ref and PRX,ref as a function of d. Plot the result for d = 50 5,000 m. 10. Communication is to take place from one side of a building to the other as depicted in Figure 30.1, using 2-m-tall antennas. Convert the building into a series of semi-in nite screens and determine the eld strength at the receive antenna caused by diffraction using Bullington s method for (a) f = 900 MHz, (b) f = 1,800 MHz, and (c) f = 2.4 GHz. 11. Derive the re ection and transmission coef cient for TE and TM waves. Hint: use the continuity conditions for parallel and perpendicular elds at the interface.
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where Q is the so-called forgetting factor Hence, Equation 3.75 becomes
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To start this animation of the view, you need to deselect the Disable View Creation option, so that the blue telescope appears to the left of the entity in the design tree.
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Part III Developing with SQL Server
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Figure 4.38. The Windows Update window lets you configure how your system is updated.
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3.960 GHz, +90.0 deg S31
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sentation graphics tool used in business. You can use Impress to read and write most PowerPoint slide presentations 1.0 Drawing (.sxd) format: an older, rudimentary graphics drawing format StarDraw 3.0 5.0 (.sda) format: Draw s commercial cousin from Sun StarImpress 4.0 and 5.0 (.sdd) format: Impress commercial cousin from Sun Drawing (.odg) format: rudimentary graphics drawing format
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Understanding the Role of Links and Linking
Figure 38-8: Set the conditions that you consider equivalent to CPU idle time.
3GPP Long-Term Evolution
Setting up a newsgroup account
4 Click outside the object to finish. 4
Most people regard design ability more as a genetic inheritance than a learned skill. To those people, designers have fashion sense or an eye for design that gives them their advantage. In other words, this design sense is thought to be innate. I couldn t disagree more. Design is a discipline that works according to certain rules; just like a student can learn to write without learning the parts of speech, so too can a young designer intuit the principles of design without knowing what they re called. For the rest of us, the design parts of speech can open your eyes to a world that might have seemed the province of a separate class of person. The objective of this chapter is that with the right tools at hand, you open your eyes to the design that s around you. From there, it s a quick step to developing your own visual design style.
System Monitoring Using Windows Management Instrumentation
Outsiders have no way to know the extent of WordPress usage inside firewalls. For example, the Intelligence Community, referred to often as the IC, is known for using a variety of open source tools internally, though details of how or why cannot be shared. The business reason for a government agency to choose a particular piece of software is not always known. It could be that someone in charge is more familiar with one product than another. It could be a cost-point consideration. Some notable information can be gleaned from the public usage of some tools, though. The following case studies and examples illustrate this point.
You wonder how fast the size of a hexagon will be reduced in area - turn to Frame 5. You wonder how the shape of a hexagon changes as a result of this process, having observed that they seem to become more 'regular' - turn to Frame 22.
sudo vim /etc/resolv.conf
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