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Figure 20.9 shows the existing custom property formatting in the default format being used for this example.
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Windows Server 2008 supports RIP v1 and v2. RIP v2 adds additional features such as peer security and route ltering.
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Equations 10.49 and 10.50 indicate that, if the parasitics resistances were zero, fmax would attain an infinite value. This is in contrast to fT whose value remains finite even in an ideal transistor without parasitics. This analysis is sufficient for the fT and fmax calculations when the transistor operates in strong inversion. It is desirable to establish a physical, scalable model capable of simulating both dc I-V characteristics and the s-parameter characteristics, and applicable to all bias ranges. A de facto industry standard SPICE model (BSIM3v3) is a potential candidate, 1 12 having demonstrated accuracy and scalability in the devices' dc characteristics. When it is applied to simulate the s parameters at RF, we find BSIM3 to be somewhat problematic and two modifications are necessary to obtain a good fit. The first modification involves the addition of a bulk resistive network, achievable with a simple circuit extension to the existing BSIM3 model. The second improvement accounts for the finite channel resistance, whose origin lies in a NQS analysis. Since BSIM3 (as well as the many other models) employs a quasistatic assumption, this improvement, while important, involves some changes in the model source code. We first concentrate on the fitting of s22, from which we demonstrate the need of a bulk resistive network. s 22 characterizes the output impedance when the input port (gate) is terminated with R0 = 50 Q. Figure 10.32 illustrates measured s22 when the transistor is in OFF state. The data lie on a semicircle characterized by r = 0.6 (r is shown in the figure), indicating that the real part of the output impedance (Rout) is 0.6 Ro = 30 Q2 is independent of frequency. Figure 10.33a presents an intuitive and but wrong approach to determine the value of Rout. Because the transistor was OFF, the impedance path to ground seen at the output port consisted of a serial connection of the overlap gate-drain capacitance and the terminating resistance of 50 Q. Rot, in this example, would be identical to 50 Q. However, the circuit of Figure 10.33a neglects the presence of a larger parasitic capacitance, the bulk-drain junction capacitance Cjdb. Because the default BSIM3 configuration tied the bulk to the
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diagnostics, rather than through blind robust methods. The questions are: where should we draw the line between moderate and high leverage, and what would be appropriate routine methods Based on the three main heuristic tools of robustness-asymptotic variance, gross error sensitivity, and breakdown point-plus arguments borrowed from decision theory, we shall present a heuristic discussion of the sizes of hi that we might be able to cope with routinely in the fixed carrier case. The same arguments remain valid in the conditional case, where errors in the carrier are permitted, but where the values z recorded in the carrier matrix are those where the observations yi actually were i taken. We recall that in the classical least squares case, under the ideal assumption that the carrier X is fixed and known and that the errors of the observables yi are independent and identically distributed, we have the following formulas (with CT' = var(yi)): (7.168) (7.169)
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14, Creating Views, explains how to create a view and use the with check option.
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Most likely, D, will be put to either of two uses: (1) for finding confidence intervals (T, - cD,, T, parameter estimated by T,.
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Custom properties that come from profile library features, and the Weldment feature in a part, contribute to the information that can appear in a Cut list on a drawing. You can access custom properties for individual Cut list items from the Cut List Item s RMB menu, as shown in Figure 31.17.
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4: Page Element Makeovers
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6: Getting More from Your Sketches
Installing Windows Server 2008
Members tab
After you install Windows Server 2008 (not do an upgrade) or create a new Active Directory domain, the operating system and many elements are exposed by default. This makes sense: Keep the doors open until the jewels have been delivered. As soon as you begin adding users to the system, and they begin adding resources that need protection, you should begin using the tools described in this chapter to lock down the elements and secure the network.
ture have been investigated by Norga and co-workers.118,119 Control of the microstructure through substrate selection and the use of seed layers via homo- and heteroepitaxial nucleation has been also been widely (and successfully) explored. Although solution chemistry may be complex and many physical processes occur during the transformation from the as-deposited to the crystalline state, lms with high-quality ceramic microstructures are today routinely obtained. Figure 2.14 highlights the typical results for an antiferroelectric PZT 95/5 (0.95 PbZrO3 : 0.05 PbTiO3) thin lm.9 Shown on the left is a diphasic microstructure for this composition for a lm prepared under improper processing conditions. This lm consists of the desired perovskite phase as well as a detrimental pyrochlore/ uorite phase.9,107,108 Here, the kinetic competition between the progress of the perovskite growth front that nucleates at the substrate and PbO volatilization were not properly balanced. The lm shown in Fig. 2.14b,9 on the other hand, is a single-phase perovskite lm that contains no pyrochlore/ uorite and demonstrates excellent antiferroelectric response. Here, PbO loss has been properly compensated during the heat treatment process. These results are highlighted to demonstrate the ability to manipulate processing conditions to prepare thin lms with electrical properties and microstructures that rival traditionally prepared bulk materials.
The main criteria for selecting a sweep to create a feature are that you must be able to identify a cross-section and a path. The profile (cross-section) can change along the path, but the overall shape must remain the same. The profile is typically perpendicular to the path, although this is not a requirement.
8. What are the main areas of the Windows Security Center
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