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FIGURE 13-1 Cross-linked sites create a circular linking scheme that can be read by search engines as a trick to increase rankings. A B
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The End of Statistics as You Were Taught It
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Table 40-2: OBXKites Users
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This chapter is organized into ve sections. Basic mixer performance is described in Section 24.1. The selection of individual voice or data channels is discussed in Section 24.2. The removal of image noise is covered in Section 24.3. ZIF receivers are explained in Section 24.4. Finally, mixer measurements are described in Section 24.5. 24.1 BASIC MIXER PERFORMANCE Every RF receiver uses a mixer to shift the received carrier and its modulation side bands out of the RF band to a lower frequency, where it is easier and more economical to achieve the required gain, and to select individual voice or data channels. A block diagram of a mixer is provided in Figure 24.1. The RF signal is at 1.0 GHz and it has a 10 MHz bandwidth (upper left sketch), which means that the signal and its modulation side bands are in the frequency range from 0.995 to 1.005 GHz. The modulation side bands carry the information being transmitted by the RF carrier. RF signals at other frequencies may have entered the antenna along with the desired signal, but these other signals have been ltered out before the signal reaches the mixer. The RF signal enters a combiner that contains Schottky mixer diodes that were described in 16. A Local Oscillator (LO) signal, generated in the receiver, also enters the combiner. It is offset in frequency from the input RF signal by the center frequency of the IF ampli er. In this example, 70 MHz has been chosen as the IF frequency. The LO frequency is thus at 1.07 GHz.
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Editing and Evaluation
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Modify has three options for configuring dimensions: This Configuration, All Configurations, and Specify Configurations. The All Configuration is the default option. Choosing the Specify Configurations option opens a dialog box, which is shown in Figure 10.7.
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Types of Names Microsoft made every effort to make Windows 2000 and Active Directory standards compliant. Part of this adaptation includes elements of the X.500 Directory Standard. Active Directory is not an X.500 directory, although it borrows traits from this Internet standard and is compliant to the point where it can integrate with X.500 directories. Like Active Directory, every object within must have a name. The X.500 Standard refers to two types of names: the distinguished name (DN) and the relative distinguished name (RDN).
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Sweeps that are more complex begin to control the size, orientation, and position of the cross-section as it travels through the sweep. When you use a guide curve, several analogies can be used to visualize how the sweep works. The cross-section/profile is solved at several intermediate positions along the path. If the guide curve does not follow the path, the difference between the two is made up by adjusting the profile. Consider the following example. In this case, the profile is an ellipse, the path is a straight line, and there are guide curves that give the feature its outer shape. Figure 7.16 shows all these elements and the finished feature.
Targeted search engines sometimes called topical search engines are the most specific of them all. These search engines are very narrowly focused, usually to a general topic, like medicine or branches of science, travel, sports, or some other topic. Examples of targeted search engines include CitySearch, Yahoo! Travel, and MusicSearch, and like other types of search engines, ranking criteria will vary from one to another. When considering targeted search engines for SEO purposes, keep in mind that many of these search engines are much more narrowly focused than primary or secondary search engines. Look for the targeted search engines that are relevant to your specific topic (like pets, sports, locations, and so on).
friend and see if you like it; if you do, buy one these things have gotten really inexpensive. My little Yamaha synthesizer cost me a couple of hundred dollars and has surprisingly good sound. (Small synthesizers are also good for teaching kids about music if you don t have a real piano.) If you enjoy the new compositional opportunities this technology provides, don t be surprised if you find yourself running up your credit card balance by buying interfaces, effects boxes, and new MIDI instruments at the local musician s superstore.
33 Text: If you click a text file link in Internet Explorer, it will display directly in the browser. You cannot download these files to the phone. 33 Audio/video: If you tap on a Windows Media Video (WMV), Windows Media Audio (WMA), MP3, or other supported audio or video file type, it will load and then play. You can find out more about Windows Phone s support for audio and video formats in 6. 33 ZIP: Amazingly, Windows Phone can natively open ZIP files and provide access to their contents. So if a ZIP file contains file types with which Windows Phone is compatible, the device will act accordingly. For example, you could download Office documents and view and edit them later in the appropriate Office Mobile application. Windows Phone ZIP support is shown in Figure 8-23. 33 EXE: Windows Phone doesn t know how to handle an EXE (executable) file. These files are typically found in desktop versions of Windows and can be used to transmit viruses and other malware. This will never be an issue on Windows Phone.
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Horizon 600 Alloy Sorter from Oxford Portable EDXRF equipment was recently constructed by Oxford,5 called the Horizon 600 Alloy Sorter. This equipment, shown in Figure 5.3.19, is speci cally dedicated to analysis of alloys. It is able to analyse elements from calcium (Z = 20) to uranium (Z = 92), and up to 20 elements simultaneously. It is mainly composed of a digital cold cathode X-ray tube working up to 30 kV, and equipped with a programmable primary beam lter. The detector is a high resolution, thermoelectrically cooled solid state semiconductor detector with the pulses from the pulse ampli er processed in a 1024 MCA. Dedicated software automatically gives the elements of the analysed alloy with their corresponding concentration. The equipment is fully battery operated and has a weight of approximately 2 kg and a size of 24 20 12 cm3 .
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