The headingspacer div displays a horizontal line graphic below the page heading. Using a graphic here helps visually offset the page heading from the rest of the page. The background-image, with background-repeat:no-repeat;, is a great way to place an image into your div element without directly adding it into your HTML code. You can use any graphic you like, but make its dimensions 581 x 22 pixels. The book example uses pagetitle spacer.gif, located in the Images subfolder. Enter the selector code as shown to the right.
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he Internet is such a major part of computing, few people even consider using a home computer without some sort of Internet connection, whether it s simple dialup or beefy broadband. Windows Vista Ultimate comes ready for online computing, with Internet-friendly features woven throughout its code. From its robust firewall and its built-in Automatic Updates system to its user-friendly browser and e-mail applications, Vista allows your computer to take part in a connected world, especially if it s wired to a DSL, cable, T1, or fiber Internet onramp. Vista looks for network connections even as you install it. It automatically enables its firewall, enables Automatic Updates, and scopes your network for Internet connectivity, which it takes care of on its own. Assuming it recognizes your computer s network interface equipment and that a path to the Net exists (whether it s through another computer sharing an Internet connection or through a residential gateway like a broadband router), you can launch Internet Explorer 7 immediately after you install the operating system and get online in seconds. Internet access is important. The Internet and its World Wide Web and e-mail infrastructures are so ingrained into what most people do with their computers, some folks just can t be without them. If you don t believe me, look at the proliferation of Web-friendly gadgetry: Some cell phones, most PDAs, all modern laptop computers, and even the Sony PlayStation Portable are all ready to surf the Web. Hotspots, places where you can get online through a Wi-Fi (wireless) network, are everywhere in airports, coffee shops, bookstores, libraries, and so on. More and more homeowners are installing their own Wi-Fi, or at least wired Internet routers, so they can get online from anywhere in the house or yard. And I don t know about you, but when my power goes out or my broadband connection goes down, I feel naked and helpless when I am not able to get online.
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Windows Live Photo Gallery
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REMARK: This is the median of all n2 pairwise means (zz+ z J ) / 2the more customary ; versions use only the pairs i < j or i 5 j,but are asymptotically equivalent.
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File, Print, and Storage Services
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(a) S11 and S22 on Smith Chart
It is recommended that you leave this setting off. Turn it on only when you need it, and then immediately turn it off again. This setting can be hazardous for everyday use, because it enables you to simply drag sketch elements that may be otherwise fully defined.
Internet, Intranet, or other IP Network
Towards the Semantic Web
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Part III: Working with Assemblies
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