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other systems may itself go down. Don t forget to consider that a process set to warn you about problems might itself be in trouble.
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FIGURE 14.14 Exploding the base
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The Constant width option of the Face Fillet PropertyManager drives a fillet by its width rather than by its radius. This is most helpful on parts where the angle of the faces between which you are filleting is changing dramatically. Figure 7.50 illustrates two situations where this is particularly useful. The setting for constant width is found in the Options panel of the Face Fillet PropertyManager. The part shown in the images is on the CD-ROM as 7 Constant Width.sldprt.
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through the Starfire. This is a nearly useless file. It has the same syntax as the blacklist, and winds up behaving exactly the same, as well. It prevents the listed components from being tested by an hpost. Because only components that have passed hpost will be handed to the obp_helper, redlisted components wind up being ignored by the OS. This is probably a Sun engineering feature, and its use is strongly discouraged, because the way it is handled makes it far less stable than the blacklist. Your safest bet is to ignore it.
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With so many bargains out there, computer manufacturers are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at you to entice you to buy. These little enticements are in the form of bundled software that is included with your computer. Let s not get too excited about this great deal! Any software given away with a new computer falls into one of three categories: shareware, trial versions, and stripped-down versions. Shareware is software that was developed for the public domain and is either free or requests a small financial contribution (usually made via PayPal) to the developer. You do not see a whole lot of shareware on new computers, but stranger things have happened. Trial versions of software are very common; this kind of software is a fullyfunctioning version of an application for a limited time. Once the trial period expires, you either have a dead application on your machine or you have to pony up the cash and buy a license key in order for it to work. The license key turns off the time bomb that is activated when a program expires. This type of software is found predominantly in anti-virus or firewall software. Stripped-down versions of software are delineated by the addition of lite or express; in other words, they have limited features enabled. Depending on the type of work you do on your computer, you may be satisfied with the software described above. For example, Microsoft Works may be perfectly sufficient for some users. Whatever you decide, do not feel locked into using the software that comes with your computer. If you require higher-performance software that has the features you need, you may need to spend a little above and beyond what you spent on your new computer.
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Film formation, 53 55 using dimensional reduction, 81 Film formation behavior, 49 53 Film processing behavior control over, 61 role of precursor structure in, 42 43 Film processing characteristics, 41 Film roughness, 178 179 Films high-quality, 113 114 of inorganic nanowires, 333 336 quenching, 97, 98 Film surface roughness, 96 97 Film thickness, 50 51, 85, 87 88, 93, 96, 125, 241 242 controlling, 84 EISA and, 299 Finite-element analysis (FEA), of stress effects and fracture, 422 423 Flat panel display (FPD) industry, 2 4, 5 Flexible displays, 460 Flexible electronics applications of, 459 460 future applications of, 454 inorganic single-crystalline materials for, 409 412 Flexible substrates, 449 Flexible thin- lm transistors, using s-Si MOSFETs, 426 429, 430 Flexographic printing, 389 393 Flow-assisted alignment, 333 Fluidic ow-directed assembly method, 354 356 Fluidic self-assembly, for macroelectronics, 413 414 Fluorite crystal structure, 224 Fluorosilyl moieties, 193 Focused ion beam milling (FIBM), 53 Force modulation (FM), 244 Fourier transform infrared (FTIR), 166, 202. See also FTIR spectra Four-phase lm and device optimization study, 182 Four-point probe method, 175 Fracture causes of, 421 422 in transfer printing, 421 423 Free energy, impact of physical factors on, 64
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n Shaded or Wireframe modes can be used on drawings, accessed from the View toolbar. n Perspective views must be saved in the model as a named view and placed in the drawing using the view name. n RealView drawing views are not available on a drawing except by capturing a screen shot from the model and placing this screen shot in a drawing. The same applies to PhotoWorks renderings.
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Non-structural components are frequently needed in weldments, and include items such as feet, plates, brackets, mounting pads, castings, and other items. Simpler items that can be easily modeled in place can be placed directly into the weldment part. You can also insert parts into the weldment using the Insert Part feature, and move them into place by using dimensions or mates. In general, if any item is actually welded into the weldment, then you are recommended to place it in the weldment part; however, items that are bolted on should probably be placed into an assembly. Of course, this probably depends more on your company s documentation standards, part-numbering standards, and assembly processes than on software capabilities. When adding a plate such as the footplate shown in Figure 31.15, the geometry is added using the standard Extrude feature, except that the Merge option is turned off by default. This ensures that non-structural components that are manually modeled, such as this part, are created as separate bodies, and not merged together with the existing structural items.
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about was the de nition of good copywriting. Is it the skill of being able to accurately put words on paper Can it be taught What sort of background do you need to be a good copywriter We would then talk about both general knowledge and speci c knowledge. But I explained that there was more to the art of copywriting. Copywriting is simply a written form of communicating facts and emotions. It is a mental process. Some copywriters will tell you that many of their greatest works were well thought out in their minds even before they put them on paper. Joe Karbo wrote one of the most successful income opportunity ads ever written for his book, The Lazy Man s Way to Riches, in one draft and without corrections. It just poured out of his mind onto a sheet of paper. And it was one of the few ads he ever wrote. Some copywriters will tell you that they just sit down and start writing. Some nd that sitting in front of a computer does the trick and others need something like a pen and a pad of paper. My greatest ads were written during a variety of circumstances. Many were well thought out before I put the rst word to paper and they owed out with hardly a correction. Other times they would ow but you wouldn t recognize the rst draft from the last because of the number of corrections I made. Sometimes I would sit in an airplane and just write from takeoff to landing and come up with great copy. And other times, I used my computer with great success. It s All a Mental Process The bottom line for all these approaches is that copywriting is primarily the mental process of rst getting your thoughts organized in your mind and then eventually transferring them onto paper. There is no best method just what works for you.
RECENT PIXE AND -PIXE APPLICATIONS a factor 100 below solar maximum irradiation42 and therefore the creation of radicals should be negligible.
The small icons for Flange Position should be fairly self-explanatory, with the dotted lines indicating the existing end of the material. The names for these options, in order from left to right, are: n Material Inside n Material Outside n Bend Outside n Bend From Virtual Sharp (for use when an angle is involved)
10 5 ) + 0.3 ( 1.7 10 5 )) 2 d Pm
The following descriptive list should help you fill out your PC upgrade toolkit. I ll start with the common items and work my way toward the more obscure ones.
service problems became his. And each time he sold a car, Joe became that buyer s personal service representative. And Joe performed. Then when buyers returned for another car, they wanted to buy only from Joe. It wasn t price that made Joe s success, although that was important; it was his attitude toward service. 15. Physical Facts: In copy you must mention all the physical facts about a product or you risk reducing your response. I m talking about weight, dimensions, size, limits, speed, and the like. Sometimes you might think that a certain dimension isn t really important or the weight may not be necessary. But it s not true. Give readers any excuse not to buy and they won t buy. I remember running ads for products and then personally taking the orders on our toll-free lines. I did this because it was on the phone lines that I got many of my insights into the buying process. Here were my customers, motivated enough to reach into their pockets and pull out their hard-earned money for a product they trusted me to sell them. What a wonderful opportunity to peek into this process and hear the really subliminal reactions people made when they responded. It was during my time on the phone lines that I learned that if you don t give all the facts, it gives your customer the excuse not to order. It may be a weight or dimension that you thought was irrelevant, but if you don t mention it, people will call and ask for it. And how many more customers didn t bother to call and check on it Of course, they didn t order, either. I remember an ad for a scale pictured on the oor. I didn t give the actual weight of the scale itself. Who would care I thought. But my prospects did care and frequently asked. We eventually included the weight of the scale in the ad. I remember showing an object that was being held in my hand. I gave the exact dimensions but failed to give the weight because the weight was not really relevant. I got a lot of calls from people wanting to know the weight before deciding whether to buy. The point: List the physical dimensions even in cases where you think they are not that important. 16. Trial Period: With mail order items, you must offer a trial period for any product that the consumer cannot touch or
Figure 3.4.11 (a) XAS spectra of pure Cd compounds. The spectra are vertically offset to allow comparisons and were taken in uorescence mode. (b) XAS tted spectrum of a y ash particle, using linear combinations of the previously measured standards. (Reproduced from ref. 65)
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