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Because of the need to make a buried collector layer, it may seem impossible to fabricate vertical bipolar transistors in thin SOI films. An original solution to this problem has, however, been proposed, and vertical NPN transistors have been realized in 400-nm-thick SOI films (and the use of even thinner films is quite possible). 79 In that device there is no buried collector diffusion. The bottom of the P- intrinsic base is directly in contact with the buried oxide. If no back-gate bias is applied, very few of the electrons injected by the emitter into the base can reach the lateral collector, and the current gain of the device is extremely small. When a positive bias is applied to the back gate, however, an inversion layer is induced at the silicon-buried oxide interface, at the bottom of the base, and acts as a buried collector (Figure 5.23). Furthermore, the band bending in the vicinity of the bottom inversion layer attracts the electrons injected by the emitter into the base. As a result, collection efficiency is drastically increaLsed, and the current gain can reach useful values. The use of a field-effect-induced buried collector makes it possible to obtain significant collection efficiency without the need to form a diffused buried layer and an epitaxy step. It also solves the high-injection (high current densities) problems inherent to thin-film lateral devices. Furthermore, because the neutral base width does not depend on the collector voltage but on the back-gate voltage, the Early effect is almost totally suppressed. 80 Since the amplification factor of a bipolar transistor is given by the Early voltage x current-gain product, this feature can be extremely attractive for high-performance analog applications. Vertical SO bipolar transistor with field-induced collector wit h an Early voltage over 50,000 V and a current gain of 200 have been demomtrated. Such devices offer thus an Early voltage x current gain product larger than 1,000,000.81 5.4.4 Quantum-Effect Devices
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A brief history of WordPress Leveraging the WordPress community WordPress by the numbers 10 things you need to know about WordPress Understanding open source and the General Public License
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Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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A star appears on the part symbol at the top of the FeatureManager, indicating that the part is a Smart Component. You can place this Smart Component by following these steps:
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Inside Scoop
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From the Network Explorer, you gain access to the following:
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You can configure devices protected with BitLocker To Go in various ways. If you rightclick a protected device in Explorer, a new Manage BitLocker option appears in the pop-up menu, replacing Turn on BitLocker. (You can also access this functionality from the BitLocker Drive Encryption control panel, of course.) The resulting window, shown in Figure 26-9, provides a number of options, including ways to change and remove the device s password, remove a smart card (if one is configured), add a smart card, resave or print the recovery key, and automatically unlock the drive on the current PC.
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130 Wireless LAN 1C Industry
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Plugin developers should always use the WordPress API to perform tasks. Generally, plugins that don t use the API perform raw SQL queries instead a problem that introduces security risks and the possibility of plugin incompatibility when the MySQL schema changes in future versions. Throughout every version of WordPress, a guiding principle for core developers has been to enforce and ensure backward-compatibility. Plugin developers who use the provided APIs to perform tasks will have plugins that are likely to stand the test of time. n
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Aggregation Design
Figure 9.3 Power delivered from a source to a load.
Using a souped-up video card
You should be able to find your most recent List object still saved in the database. You can then assign it to a variable:
One feature of the Start menu that s not immediately obvious is that it is composed of items from the following two different locations, both of which are hidden by default:
In manufacturing, once parts are assembled, secondary machining operations are sometimes applied to them to ensure that holes line up properly, or for other purposes. For example, assembly features can be cut extrudes, cut revolves, or hole features. These features appear only in the assembly, not in the individual parts. You should not confuse assembly features with in-context features. In-context features are created in the assembly with a reference between parts, but the sketch and feature definition are in the part itself.
To minimize this phase noise, the Gy must be increased by increasing the device size and bias current. For a constant supply voltage, the power dissipation will increase by the same amount that the phase noise is decreased. The tradeoff between power consumption and phase noise in all oscillators is significant, but most
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