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19: The Ubuntu Command Line
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OntoShare: Evolving Ontologies in a Knowledge Sharing System
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[Rob75] L. G. Roberts, ALOHA packet system with and without slots and capture, ACMSIGCOM Comput. Commun. Rev., 5, 28 42 (1975). [Roh99] H. Rohling et al., Broadband OFDM radio transmission for multimedia applications, Proc. IEEE, 87(10), 1778 1789 (1999). [Roo02a] T. Roos, P. Myllymaki, H. Tirri, P. Miskangas, and J. Sievanen, A probabilistic approach to WLAN user location estimation, Int. J. Wireless Inf. Networks, 9(3) (2002). [Roo02b] T. Roos, P. Myllymaki, and H. Tirri, A statistical modeling approach to location estimation, IEEE Trans. Mobile Comput., MC-1(1) (2002). [Ros73] G. F. Ross, Transmission and reception system for generating and receiving baseband duration pulse signals without distortion for short baseband communication systems, U.S. patent 3,728,632, Apr. 1973. [Ros92] J.-P. Rossi and A. J. Levy, A ray model for deterministic radio wave propagation in urban area, Radio Sci., 27, 971 979 (1992). [Ros93] J.-P. Rossi and A. J. Levy, Propagation analysis in cellular environment with the help of models using ray theory and GTD, Proc. 43rd IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, Secaucus, NJ, 1993, pp. 253 256. [Ros97] J. P. Rossi, J. P. Barbot, and A. J. Levy, Theory and measurement of the angle of arrival and time delay of UHF radiowaves using a ring array, IEEE Trans. Antennas Propag., AP-45, 876 884 (May 1997). [Rub79] I. Rubin, Message delays in FDMA and TDMA communication channels, IEEE Trans. Commun., COM-27, 769 777 (1979). [Rus91] A. J. Rustako, Jr., N. Amitay, G. J. Owens, and R. S. Roman, Radio propagation at microwave frequencies for line-of-sight microcellular mobile and personal communications, IEEE Trans. Veh. Technol., VT-40, 203 210 (1991). [Saa97] H. Saarnisaari, TLS-ESPRIT in a time delay estimation, Proc. IEEE 47th Vehicular Technology Conference, Phoenix, AZ, 1997, pp. 1619 1623. [Sal73] J. Salz, Optimum mean-square decision feedback equalization, Bell Syst. Tech. J., 52, 341 1373 (1973). [Sal82] A. C. Salazar and V. B. Lawrence, Design and implementation of transmitter and receiver lters with periodic coef cient nulls for digital systems, Proc. IEEE ICASSP 82, Paris, May 1982, pp. 306 310. [Sal87a] A. M. Saleh, A. J. Rustako, and R. S. Roman, Distributed antennas for indoor radio communications, Proc. IEEE ICC 87, Seattle, WA, 1987, pp. 3.3.1 3.3.5. [Sal87b] A. M. Saleh and R. A. Valenzuela, A statistical model for indoor multipath propagation, IEEE J. Sel. Areas Commun., SAC-5, 128 137 (1987). [Sal91] A. Salamasi and K. S. Gilhousen, On the system design aspects of code division multiple access (CDMA) applied to digital cellular and personal communications networks, Proc. 41st IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, St. Louis, MO, May 1991, pp. 57 62. [Sar86] H. Sari, L. Desperben, and S. Moridi, Minimum mean-square error timing recovery schemes for digital equalizers, IEEE Trans. Commun., COM-34(7), 694 702 (1986). [Sas93] H. Sasaoka and Y. Omori, Multi-carrier 16QAM system in land mobile communications, Proc. PIMRC 93, Yokohama, Japan, Sept. 1993, pp. 84 88. [Sch66] M. Schwartz, W. R. Bennett, and S. Stein, Communication Systems and Techniques, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1966. [Sch82] R. A. Scholtz, The origins of spread-spectrum communications, IEEE Trans. Commun., COM-30, 822 853 (1982). [Sch84] D. Schaum et al., MSE mobile subscriber equipment, Army Commun., 9(3), 6 22 (1984).
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Work with video cameras
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The protocol is symmetrical; that is, the procedures work the same way in either direction. Messages have only one additional IE (Link Control function) after the rst three mandatory elements of the basic message format. Protection Protocol. The function of this protocol is to switch a C-channel from active to a standby and vice versa. The switch can be triggered by link failure or, for Protection Group 2 only, by operator command. The choice of the standby C-channel that takes over as active is controlled by the LE, although the operator
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Group Policy and the Active Directory
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