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menu What about the upper part of the left column and the bottom portion The left column of the Start menu lists programs and functional centers in Windows Vista. The right column is principally used to access files and devices. The upper part of the left-hand column of the menu are fixed entries pinned to the menu, and the bottom half consists of recently accessed entries.
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Table 18.2
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Everything I ve discussed so far has involved ways to successfully run your business. But doing this professionally is a long-term commitment. You re not in it to make a quick profit and get out; you re here to make a living. Here are some tips for keeping your career moving while also keeping your sanity.
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After cropping as needed, click the Scan button to perform the actual scan. Photo Gallery will scan the image and prompt you to provide a tag for this picture, as shown in Figure 12-43.
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~ ck, 0 Despreading transformation (matrix multiplication) ~ ck, 1
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In this example, slides 3, 7, 9, 11, and 12 were selected.
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Fig. 12.25 An isosceles triangle has two equal sides of given length, but the angle between them is variable (Fig. 12.25). How does the reflection principle indicate the angle for which the area will be a maximum
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Understanding the types of user accounts you can create in Windows 7 Using User Account Control to protect your system Configuring User Account Control Turning off User Account Control Applying and configuring Parental Controls for your children How Parental Controls work and how you can override their settings Using Windows Live Family Safety
Writing C Programs
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29: Using SolidWorks Sheet Metal Tools
Emerging Trends and Case Studies for Wi-Fi 167
12. What s the difference between a Vista Capable and a Vista Premium PC
ot everything is fun and games on your Ubuntu workstation. There are a few things you should do to help ensure that your system is running properly. There are also times when things go wrong. When that happens, it helps to know how to look at various parts of your system and see what s going on. This chapter walks through some of the basics of managing your Ubuntu workstation. It discusses how to use the simple utilities Ubuntu provides for interacting with your system and determining how it s doing. First we ll take a look at the System Monitor, which can provide some excellent information about what programs are running and how much of the system resources they re using. We ll then take a look at how Ubuntu uses log files to document when things go wrong on the system. Next, we ll look at a couple of utilities that Ubuntu provides for configuring which system services and applications run, both when your system starts and when you log into your desktop. Finally, we ll discuss the Disk Usage Analyzer tool, which allows you see where your disk space is going.
In the Instances list box, the rst value, _Total, enables you to add all the instance values and report them in the display. The lines in the display can also be matched with their respective counters by selecting the line in the display.
the estimated number of connected hosts increased by about 24 percent in 2005, to almost 395 million. While that is a healthy rate of growth, it is much slower than the 36 percent in 2004 and 2003 [1]. According to a 2005 study by IDC, those hosts will account for 84 billion e-mail messages per day worldwide in 2006, about 33 billion of which messages will be spam, that is, unsolicited e-mail [2]. International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that the volume of Internet traf c worldwide will continue to double each year, increasing from 180 petabits per day in 2002 to 5175 petabits per day by the end of 2007 [3]. Others suggest that the Internet is showing signs of maturity, at least in terms of international traf c. TeleGeography s latest survey of Internet backbone providers indicates that cross-border traf c grew by only 49 percent in 2005, which is down considerably from 103 percent in 2004. TeleGeography pegs the fastest growing regions as Asia (64 percent) and Latin America (70 percent), although their growth rates are way down from previous years [4]. Figure 13.1 provides a graphic view of the growth of the Internet in terms of host computers; notably, there were only four hosts in 1969. The Internet is grounded in the U.S. Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork (ARPANET), which began in 1969 as a means of linking personnel and systems involved in various computer science and military research projects. ARPANET and its successor DARPANET (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork), were developed to be totally fail safe. The distribution of computing power and the redundancy of the data switches and computer links all were intended to provide a meshed computer network that could withstand a nuclear strike. In the early 1970s, work began at Stanford University on a set of internetworking protocols designed to prove connectivity among the ARPANET computers. In May 1974, Vinton G. Cerf (Stanford University) and Robert E. Kahn (Advanced Research
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