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mentioned 30 kbps UTRA BCH rate. In general, this increased control channel rate will support asignificantly more flexible system control than the 2G systems. The Physical downlink Shared CHannel (PDSCH) of Table l .Sis used tocarry the DSCH message at rates of 30/60/120/240/480/960/1920kbps. ThePDSCH is shared amongseveral users based on code multiplexing. The Layer 1 control information is transmitted using the associated DL DPCH. The AcquisitionIndicator CHannel (AICH)of Table 1.5 and the Page Indicator CHannel (PICH) are used to carry Acquisition Indicator (AI) and Page Indicator (PI) messages, respectively. More specifically, the AI is a responseto a PRACH or PCPCH transmission, and it corresponds to the signature used by the associated PRACH preamble, a PCPCH A-P or a PCPCH CD-P, which were defined above. The AICH consists of a repeated sequenceof 1.5 consecutive Access Slots (AS). EachAS consists of a 32-symbol part and an eight-symbol AI unused part, as shown in Figure 1.25. The AS#O will commence at the start of every other 10 ms P-CCPCH radio frame seen Figure 1.19, since its duration is 20 ms. in A PI message is used to signal to the MS on the associated S-CCPCH that there are data addressed to it, in order to facilitate a power-efficient sleep-mode operation. A PICH, illustrated in Figure 1.26, is a 10 ms frame consisting of 300 bits, out of which 288 bits are used to carry PIS, while the remaining 12 bits are unused. Each PICH frame can carry a total of N PIS, where N = 18,36,72, and 144. The PICH is also transmitted at an offset with respect to the start of the P-CCPCH, which is a multiple of 2.56 chips. The associated S-CCPCH will be transmitted 7680 chips later. Finally, the Common PIlot CHannel (CPICH) of Table 1.5 is a 30 kbps DL physical channel that carries a predefined bit sequence. It provides a phase reference for the SCH, P-CCPCH, AICH, and PICH, since these channels do not carry pilot bits, as shown in Fig-
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Epitaxial layer Substrate
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Figure 12-7: The Shockwave Flash plug-in appearing in the Firefox plug-in list. barcode crystal reports
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TABLE 13.3-5 Radio Con gurations for the Reverse Traf c Channel RC RC RC RC RC 1, RC 2 3, RC 4 5, RC 6 7 Spreading Rate SR-1 SR-1 SR-3 SR-1 Channels R-FCH, R-SCCH R-PICH, R-DCCH, R-FCH, R-SCH, R-CQICH, R-ACKCH, R PC Sch. R-PICH, R-DCCH, R-FCH, R-SCH, R-CQICH, R-ACKCH, R PC Sch. R-PICH, R-SPICH, R-PDCH, R-PDCCH, R-REQCH, R-CQICH, R-ACKCH, RPC Sch.
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Table 1-2: Comparing Database Terms
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this attractive front end, called Device Stage. Windows Media Player starts up in Sync mode, with the Sync pane displayed and the device loaded up, as shown in Figure 11-35. From here, you can synchronize music and, if the device is compatible, photos, movies, and recorded TV shows as well. What you ll be able to do is determined by the capabilities and capacity of the player you select.
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Smart Fasteners tab
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Security Issues and Measures
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Explorer button pinned to the taskbar, subsequent attempts to pin other Library or folder locations to the taskbar will not work as expected. (That is, they will not be given a separate pinned button, as you may prefer.) Instead, as you drag such an item over, you ll be alerted that the item will be pinned to Windows Explorer. This means that it will appear at the top of the already pinned Windows Explorer button s Jump List, as shown in Figure 4-48.
Case 7
Keeping drivers current
Subchannel 1 Original data subcarrier # New data subcarrier # 0 1 2 3 13 14 15 16 4 17 22 35 40 5 5 18 23 36 41 6 6 19 24 37 42 7 7 20 25 38 43 8 8 21 26 39 44 9 9 22 27 40 45 10 10 23 28 41 46 11 11 24 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 42 43 44 45 46 47 0 47 12
CheckBox This control is typically used to represent a binary condition such as True/False, Yes/No, or On/Off. This control is commonly used in conjunction with other check boxes to present a list of options to the user. The users can check the box if they want the option, and uncheck the box if they do not want the option. The CheckBox control inherits directly from the ButtonBase class. Table 27-10 lists the properties, methods, and events that the CheckBox class possesses that it did not inherit. Table 27-10: Non-Inherited Members of the CheckBox Control
Figure 5.5.14 XRF spectrum of iron meteorite (octahedrite)25
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