FIGURE 2.37 Provide information for your driver download.
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The Sweep feature uses more than one sketch. A sweep is made from a profile (cross-section) and a path, and can create a boss or a cut feature. If you want, you can also use guide curves. Sweeps can run the gamut from simple to complex. Typical simple sweeps are used to create wire, tubing, or hose. More complex sweeps are used for creating objects such as bottles, involutes, and corkscrews. The main criteria for selecting a sweep to create a feature are that you must be able to identify a cross-section and a path. The profile (cross-section) can change along the path, but the overall shape must remain basically the same. The profile is typically perpendicular to the path, although this is not a requirement.
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Part I covers basic network services as well as installation issues. Our goal in this part is to help you make decisions on the basis of your overall network so that your systems will be easy to manage whether you have several systems or several thousand. This part covers everything from booting to backing up, with lots of attention paid to the tools such as JumpStart and Web Start Flash that can make your life so much easier.
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The early days of PGP encryption
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As with all things in the open-source programming world, there are current efforts to create open-source versions of many restricted hardware drivers. The Nouveau project is attempting to create a high-quality, open-source driver for operating NVIDIA cards in 3-D mode. At the time of this writing they ve completed drivers for operating NVIDIA video cards in 2-D mode but haven t finished the 3-D features. As Ubuntu progresses through new versions, it s possible that a video card that once required a restricted driver will have an open-source driver in a newer distribution.
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This is an example of PHP s ability to use any data type in any variable at any time. You can use variables in just about any type of arithmetic statement that uses standard arithmetic operators. Here, the result of the operation is stored in the $name variable, then the program uses an echo statement to display the variable s new value.
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40: State Management
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Customer Confirmation
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In early studies, Nomura et al. reported that an equimolar mixture of [Bui2InSPrn] and [ Cu ( S2 CNBu n )2 ] decomposed to afford CuInS2 powders.34 2 On this basis, solution pyrolysis of this mixture dissolved in p-xylene was used to deposit thin- lm CuInS2 at 350 C onto glass substrates. Film composition, analyzed by EDS, revealed that the ratios of In/Cu and S/Cu decreased with substrate temperature, and XRD showed that a second phase was present for lms deposited at 350 C. Grain size was estimated to be in the range of 50 100 nm as determined by SEM. It was later realized that the equimolar n reaction mixture of [ Bu i2InSPr n ] and [ Cu ( S2 CNBu 2 )2 ] (as used in solution i pyrolysis) afforded the single-source precursor [ Bu 2In (S Pr n ) Cu ( S 2 CNBu n )] 2 before decomposing to the chalcopyrite matrix (see equation 6.1).35 Analytical and spectral data con rmed that the mixture of [ Bu i2InS Pr ] and [Cu(S2CNBu2)2] yielded an SSP, although the nature of the chemical bridge was not well de ned. Other analogous CIS precursors were also synthesized by the reaction of alkyl indium thiolates with copper dithiocarbamates.36 However, only [ Bu2 In (S Pr i ) Cu ( S 2 CNPr2i )] was successfully implemented for depositing pure CuInS2 by low-pressure MOCVD. In the case of
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You ll find yourself using that syntax all the time in your Prototype-enhanced JavaScript. Let s move on to another utility function that addresses a major shortcoming in the standard JavaScript DOM. While you can select collections of form elements, images, links, and anchors, you can t touch elements that belong to a given class. Prototype responds with the $$() construction. Using this function, you can grab all elements that belong to a certain class; use it just as you would in CSS, with the preceding period (.) to indicate the class name:
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