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SolidWorks Basics
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[Tin00] R. Tingley, Time-space characteristics of indoor radio channel, Ph.D. dissertation, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA, May 2000 [Tin01] R. Tingley and K. Pahlavan, Time-space measurement of indoor radio propagation, IEEE Trans. Instrum. Meas., IM-50(1), 22 31 (2001). [Tob75] F. A. Tobagi and L. Kleinrock, Packet switching in radio channels, part II: the hiddenterminal problem in carrier sense multiple access and the busy-tone solution, IEEE Trans. Commun., COM-23, 1417 1433 (1975). [Tob76] F. A. Tobagi and L. Kleinrock, Packet switching in radio channels, part III: polling and (dynamic) split channel reservation multiple access, IEEE Trans. Commun., COM-24, 832 845 (1976). [Tob80a] F. A. Tobagi, Multiaccess protocols in packet communication systems, IEEE Trans. Commun., COM-28, 468 488 (1980). [Tob80b] F. A. Tobagi and V. Hunt, Performance analysis of carrier sense multiple access with collision detection, Comput. Networks, 4, 245 259 (1980). [Tur72] G. L. Turin et al., A statistical model of urban multipath propagation, IEEE Trans. Veh. Technol., VT-21, 1 9 (1972). [Unb02] M. Unbehaun, On the design and deployment of low-cost wireless infrastructure, Ph.D. dissertation, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, 2002. [Unb03] M. Unbehaun and M. Kamenetsky, On the deployment of picocellular wireless infrastructure, IEEE Wireless Commun. Mag., Dec. 2003, pp. 70 80. [Ung74] G. Ungerboeck, Adaptive maximum likelihood receiver for carrier modulated data transmission systems, IEEE Trans. Commun., COM-22, 624 636 (1974). [Ung76] G. Ungerboeck, Fractional tap-spacing equalizer and consequences for clock recovery in data modems, IEEE Trans. Commun., COM-24, 856 864 (1976). [Ung82] G. Ungerboeck, Channel coding with multilevel/phase signals, IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, IT-28, 55 67 (1982). [Ung87] G. Ungerboeck, Trellis-coded modulation with redundant signal sets, IEEE Commun. Mag., 25(2), 5 21 (1987). [Var88] P. Vary et al., Speech codec for the European mobile radio system, Proc. ICASSP 88, Apr. 1988, pp. 227 230. [Ver98] S. Verd , Multiuser Detection, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1998. u [Vit67] A. J. Viterbi, Error bounds for convolutional codes and an asymptotically optimum decoding algorithm, IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, IT-13, 260 269 (1967). [Vit93] A. J. Viterbi and A. M. Viterbi, Erlang capacity of a power controlled CDMA system, IEEE J. Sel. Areas Commun., SAC-11, 882 890 (1993). [Vit95] A. J. Viterbi, CDMA, Principles of Spread Spectrum Communications, Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1995. [Wei71] S. B. Weinstein and P. M. Ebert, Data transmission by frequency-division multiplexing using the discrete Fourier transform, IEEE Trans. Commun. Technol., CT-19, 628 634 (1971). [Wei84a] L.-F. Wei, Rotationally invariant convolutional channel coding with expanded signal space, part I: 180 , IEEE J. Sel. Areas Commun., SAC-2, 659 671 (1984). [Wei84b] L.-F. Wei, Rotationally invariant convolutional channel coding with expanded signal space, part II: nonlinear codes, IEEE J. Sel. Areas Commun., SAC-2, 672 686 (1984). [Wel03] M. Welborn, M. McLaughlin, P. Ceva, and R. Kohno, DS-UWB Proposal, IEEE P802.15 Working Group for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs), IEEE 802.1503/334r3, Sept. 2003. [Wer98] J. Werb and C. Lanzl, Designing a positioning system for nding things and people indoors, IEEE Spectrum, 35(9), 71 78 (1998).
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RF Measurements for Cellular Phones and Wireless Data Systems. By A. W. Scott and R. Frobenius Copyright # 2008 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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Knit is analogous to the solid feature Combine in that it joins multiple surface bodies into a single surface body. Unlike Combine, Knit does not perform the subtract or intersect Boolean operations. It also has an option to create a solid if the resulting surface body meets the requirements (a fully enclosed volume without gaps or overlaps). However, unlike the solid bodies in Combine, which may overlap volumetrically, surface bodies must intersect edge to edge, more like sketch entities. Knit is also sometimes used in the same way that the zero-distance offset is used, to copy a set of solid faces to become a new surface body. One nice option that enables you to quickly see where the boundaries of a surface body lie is found at Tools Options Display/Selection Show Open Edges Of Surfaces In Different Color. By default, this color is a medium blue, and you can change it at Tools Options Colors Surfaces Open Edges.
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Mean Carried Teletraffic (Erlangs/km2/MHz)
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-- 0 Otherwise -OV p -From the second equation, we find
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is highest in fading dips. Note that the results are plotted on a logarithmic scale while the BER on good subcarriers can be as low as 10 4 , the BER on subcarriers that are in fading dips are up to 0.5. This also has a signi cant impact on average error probability; the error probability on bad subcarriers dominates the behavior. Figure 19.6 shows a simulation of the average BER (over many channel realization) for a frequency-selective channel. We nd that the BER decreases only linearly as the SNR increases, closer inspection reveals that the result is the same as in Figure 12.6.
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Figure 5.8 Schematic of a UHF tunable lter.
The methontology framework from Gomez-Perez (1996) includes: 1. The identi cation of the ontology development process, which refers to which tasks (planning, control, speci cation, knowledge acquisition,
The colors represent sketch states. Sketch states include Underdefined, Overdefined, Fully Defined, Unsolvable, Zero Length, and Dangling. There can be entities with different states within a single sketch. Also, endpoints of lines can have a different state than the rest of the sketched entity. For example, a line that is sketched horizontally from the origin has a coincident at one endpoint to the origin, and the line itself is horizontal. As a result, the line and first endpoint are black, but the other endpoint is underdefined because the length of the line is not defined. Sketch states are indicated in the lower-right corner of the graphics window and also in the status bar. n Blue: Underdefined. The sketch entity is not completely defined. You can drag it to change size, position, or orientation. n Black: Fully Defined. The sketch entity is fully defined by a combination of sketch relations and dimensions. A sketch cannot be fully defined without being connected in some way to something external to the sketch, such as the part origin or an edge. Multiple external entities may be used, as appropriate. (The exception to this rule is the use of the Fix constraint, which, although effective, is not a recommended practice.)
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Growing the Symphony s Member Base
The Menu Bar toolbar is found just to the right of the SolidWorks logo on the title bar in the top left corner of the SolidWorks window. By default, it contains most of the elements of the Standard toolbar, and it is available even when no documents are open. It uses mostly flyout toolbar icons, so again it follows the trend of saving space at the expense of an extra click. This toolbar can be customized in the same way as normal toolbars in the Customize dialog box in the Commands tab. This toolbar cannot be turned off, but you can remove all the icons from it.
12: Building Efficient Assemblies
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