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This shows that the Welch method is asymptotically unbiased. For a Gaussian process, the variance of the estimate is
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12: Getting Help and Support
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Windows communities. A Web-based forum where you can post questions and reply to queries from other users with support issues. This option requires a live Internet connection. Microsoft Customer Support. This feature takes you to the Microsoft Support Web site; it provides information on available support options. This too requires a live Internet connection. More support options. The weakest link of the section, it rehashes the above, plus offers a link to the Knowledge Base, the Microsoft Web site for IT professionals, as well as Microsoft support phone numbers.
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The pingback_url generates a specially formed URL that is used only by other blogs. It is used to notify you when someone has linked to your blog from another site. n
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Table 5.3.10 Analysis results and reference data for SRM 2710 Montana soil (g/g) Element Al Si S K Ca Ti Mn Fe Ni Cu Zn As Pb Rb Sr Y Zr Nb Reference data 0.0644 0.289 0.0024 0.021 0.0125 0.00283 0.01 0.0338 0.000014 0.000295 0.00695 0.00063 0.0055 0.00012 0.00033 0.000023 Measured by Si(Li) 0.121 0.31 0.0049 0.020 0.0115 0.0023 0.0105 0.0371 0.0032 0.0073 0.00095 0.0045 0.000114 0.00030 0.000037 0.00012 0.0000072 Measured by Si-PIN 0.095 0.31 0.0036 0.020 0.0121 0.0023 0.01 0.0345 0.00028 0.0031 0.0066 0.00093 0.0053 0.000077 0.00026 0.000017 0.00009
Figure 8.2 The average is the balance point.
Using Hole Wizard and Toolbox
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