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Aside from the backbone network, NSFNET funded a number of midlevel networks at the state and regional levels. Access networks also have been funded in various networks to support backbone connections for speci c organizations or consortia. Campus networks also connect to the backbone through dedicated lines leased from various carriers [6]. In an interesting recent development, universities have become distressed over the degradation in Internet performance as traf c levels have increased because of its commercialization. In fact, a number of them petitioned The National Science Foundation to build a new, separate NSFNET intranet (private Internet) just for them it seems as though success comes at a price [12]. In October 1996, this concern translated into action in the form of Internet2, which I discuss later in this chapter. In addition to the basic Internet backbone structure spawned by NSFNET, the major incumbent interexchange carriers AT&T, MCI, and Sprint built national backbones. These carriers also have either made a number of acquisitions to enhance those backbones or, more typically, have acquired backbones that they then enhance. A clear example is the acquisition of Metropolitan Fiber Systems (MFS) and its UUNET subsidiary by MCI, which then became MCI Worldcom. MCI also acquired Advanced Networks and Services (ANS), a consortium to which MCI was a party. Ultimately, MCI was acquired by Verizon. Similarly, AT&T acquired Teleport Communications Group (TCG), which previously acquired the CERFnet backbone, and AT&T ultimately was merged into SBC (nee Southwestern Bell), which retained the name AT&T. Competitive interexchange carriers, such as Level 3 Communications and 360 Networks, also offer backbone Internet transport. The incumbent LECs built major regional backbones some years ago and a number of less wellknown regional carriers transport Internet traf c as well. So far, our discussion has focused on the U.S. topology, which is appropriate, as the Internet is a U.S. invention. For all practical purposes, it exclusively was a U.S. network until the 1990s. As the Internet gradually extended outside U.S. borders, all traf c initially was routed through the U.S. infrastructure. That meant, for example, that local traf c from one user in Hong Kong to another in Hong Kong was routed through MAE West in San Jose and back to Hong Kong. In order to con ne regional traf c and thereby correct this obvious inef ciency, dozens of NAPs now exist in a number of international locations. Those NAPs include The Hong Kong Internet Exchange (HKIX) in Hong Kong, the Japan Internet Exchange Co. (JPIX) in Tokyo, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) in The Netherlands, the Service for French Internet Exchange (SFINX) in Paris, the London Internet Exchange (LINX) in The United Kingdom, and the Johannesburg Internet Exchange (JINX) and Cape Town Internet Exchange (CINX) in South Africa. To put this physical topology in some sort of reasonable order and context, consider the concept of levels. While these levels are not de ned absolutely, they do serve to put the topology of the Internet in perspective. At level 1 are the interconnect points and at level 5 are the end users. In a long-haul, coast-to-coast communication in the United States, you might well work up through all ve levels and back down through all ve:
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where Vdc = DC component of output voltage, An = amplitude of nth harmonic; they are
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You can test your new user in both good and bad ways. Here s a session to show both:
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Figure 22-9: The CUPS printer admin page.
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in tickets to identify the issuing authority. For information on name forms and addressing conventions, see RFC 1510.
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Figure 53-6: Switching a table is in fact modifying the database s internal metadata so an existing stand-alone table becomes one of the partitions.
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Get:7 intrepid/main libtool 2.2.4-0ubuntu4 [509kB] Get:8 intrepid/main shtool 2.0.7-3 [159kB] Get:9 intrepid-updates/main php5dev 5.2.6-2ubuntu4.2 [362kB] Fetched 2700kB in 0s (5992kB/s) Selecting previously deselected package m4. (Reading database ... 122002 files and directories currently installed.) Unpacking m4 (from .../archives/m4_1.4.11-1_i386.deb) ... Selecting previously deselected package autoconf. Unpacking autoconf (from .../autoconf_2.61-7ubuntu1_all.deb) ... Selecting previously deselected package autotools-dev. Unpacking autotools-dev (from .../autotools-dev_20080123.1_all.deb) ... Selecting previously deselected package automake. Unpacking automake (from .../automake_1%3a1.10.1-3_all.deb) ... Selecting previously deselected package automake1.4. Unpacking automake1.4 (from .../automake1.4_1%3a1.4-p6-13_all.deb) ... Selecting previously deselected package libltdl7-dev. Unpacking libltdl7-dev (from .../libltdl7-dev_2.2.4-0ubuntu4_i386.deb) ... Selecting previously deselected package libtool. Unpacking libtool (from .../libtool_2.2.4-0ubuntu4_i386.deb) ... Selecting previously deselected package shtool. Unpacking shtool (from .../shtool_2.0.7-3_all.deb) ... Selecting previously deselected package php5-dev. Unpacking php5-dev (from .../php5-dev_5.2.6-2ubuntu4.2_i386.deb) ... Processing triggers for man-db ... Processing triggers for doc-base ... Processing 2 added doc-base file(s)... Registering documents with scrollkeeper... Setting up m4 (1.4.11-1) ... Setting up autoconf (2.61-7ubuntu1) ... Setting up autotools-dev (20080123.1) ... Setting up automake (1:1.10.1-3) ... Setting up automake1.4 (1:1.4-p6-13) ... Setting up libltdl7-dev (2.2.4-0ubuntu4) ... Setting up libtool (2.2.4-0ubuntu4) ... Setting up shtool (2.0.7-3) ... Setting up php5-dev (5.2.6-2ubuntu4.2) ...
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saturation region) ranging from 74 to 108 cm2/Vs in 15 transistors randomly selected among a 4-inch substrate. The transistor of mobility 108 cm2/Vs, whose output characteristics are shown in Fig. 5.7, also possesses an on/off ratio of seven digits (seven orders of magnitude), a threshold voltage Vth of 5.0 V and 0.83 V per decade for the s-factor (subthreshold swing). The mobility was strongly affected not only by the conditions of laser crystallization but also by the amount of oxygen in the silicon lm.10 In the poly-Si lm that exhibited the mobility of 108 cm2/Vs, the oxygen concentration was 1100 ppm. Since the CPS and polysilanes are fairly oxygen-sensitive,21 several precautions had to be taken during the preparation and treatment of the liquid precursor. The coarsely synthesized CPS was distilled repeatedly to remove impurities, including oxides before photo-polymerization. Furthermore, the organic diluent such as toluene was carefully deoxidized by leaving it in a dry box for several days before use. The oxygen concentration in the box was maintained strictly below 0.5 ppm during all processes, from spin coating to baking. Such precautions enabled control of the oxygen content of the lm to
Jerri: Is there anything I haven t touched on that might be important for small to mid-sized organizations to know about SEO Combs: Most SEO experts are no more SEO experts than the organization they work for. Much can be self-achieved with proper research. This industry is enough of a snake pit of vipers, that it really does pay to do a bunch of research yourself (and even potentially some of the work yourself) before you buy from a vendor. Bad SEO can really really hurt you, and cause you to lose multiple years of marketplace momentum. Lastly, make sure you focus on the real results. Rankings alone don t pay the bills. In most cases, neither does web traffic. Track and analyze the results of your SEO efforts, making sure that you are increasing leads and/or sales.
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What kind of Mac user would you be if you didn t consider the Apple site In my opinion, this is one of the best-designed sites on the web; its intelligent use of the grid is just one of the many things that it does right. uses a 960-pixel-width layout with a 12-column grid. In Figure 11.7, note that the main content features a 2-8-2 column configuration, but there are elements that also transcend those boundaries. It s safe to say that having established a strong grid, the designers have played with the model to achieve great visual effects. The Starbucks website is another great example. Its 960-pixel-width layout is again divided into 12 columns. Are you noticing a pattern here Some of the most professional, best-designed sites on the web begin with this very basic constraint. In Figure 11.8, you can see how the central broadcast area spans the entire width, while the featured elements underneath are sitting exactly on the borders of the columns. The next time you design a site, do what the pros do: Use a grid. Figure 11.7 The Apple product page for the Mac, featuring a 12-column layout
The image to the left in Figure 12.13 shows the default arrangement of displaying component and configuration names in the assembly FeatureManager. This example uses the rear wheel assembly from the bicycle assembly. In assemblies, you cannot turn off the component names and the component descriptions. SolidWorks issues this statement when you try to turn off both the name and the description: You cannot hide both the component name and the file name. At least one must be visible in the tree.
'txtNumbers ' Me.txtNumbers.CausesValidation = True Me.txtNumbers.Location = New System.Drawing.Point(160, 104) Me.txtNumbers.MaxLength = 1 Me.txtNumbers.Name = "txtNumbers" Me.txtNumbers.TabIndex = 1 Me.txtNumbers.Text = ""
When creating a library feature, the first problem that you need to solve is how the feature will be located on a new part. Does it need to be placed on cylindrical parts, rectangular parts, other types of shapes, or does this matter at all Will the feature be located by using dimensions or sketch relations, or will it just be placed underdefined and later fully defined manually rather than automatically You may have noticed in one of the earlier examples that the sample fluid power ports had two versions of the same feature. One version is intended for the feature to be placed on the flat end of a cylinder, and the other version is intended for the feature to be placed on a rectangular face.
88 Part II Creating Great Photos with the Sony Alpha A700
The next_posts_link() and previous_posts_link()template tags can be used to take a single argument: the text to be displayed for the anchor text. If no posts are found matching the query criteria, the code in Listing 12.12 outputs a search form instead using the get_search_ form() template tag.
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