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Detach Segment on Drag is turned off by default. When you turn this setting on, the Detach Segment on Drag feature enables you to pull a single sketch element away from a chain of elements. For example, if you had a rectangle and you wanted to detach one of the lines from the rest of the rectangle without using this setting, you would have to draw extra geometry and then trim and delete lines in order to release the endpoints.
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services, these same logical groupings may exist, and administrative functions will need to be delegated as well. Figure 7.19 shows an example of departmental delegation where a group such as accounting oversees the administrative functions of the OU.
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Part II
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FIGURE 13.32 Feed options offered by ExtremeTech s Web site
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With multiple possible methods of connecting to the database, which should you choose ADO or Web Services. As a rule of thumb, use direct pedal to the metal ADO for .NET clients that are connecting over a local network. However, if you need to connect through a firewall over the Internet, then Web Services is your solution. If you need connectivity from both local and remote users, consider using Web Services for both depending on the payload and performance. Web Services will be slightly slower even over the local network because of the multiple layers and translations, but writing the data access layer once will be easier to maintain.
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The arrow keys rotate the view: n Arrow: Rotate 15 degrees (you can customize this setting through Tools Options View Rotation) n Shift-arrow: Rotate 90 degrees n Alt-arrow: Rotate in a plane flat to the screen n Ctrl-arrow: Pan
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Figure 36-8: The validation summary is at the top of the page in this form. Finishing the form Now, there are just a few more steps to finish your form for the user group. First, you want to compare the age of the users when they enter in an age in your form. But you don't have a control there to make this text box a required field. Can a control have more than one Validation control associated with it Yes it can; in most cases, the controls you build will have more than one Validation control. For example, in this case, you want the user to enter in an age and you want to compare the age entered with two values. So go ahead and add a RequiredFieldValidator control to the form, and validate against the age text box (TextBox3). The problem with the password validation is that it is also not a required field. Presently, it validates only if the user enters a password for it to compare with. Because you want the user to enter a password, you need to also make this text box a required field. You don't need to do this to the Compare password text box (TextBox5) because if the user enters in a password in the Password text box and doesn't enter anything in the Confirm password text box, the fields do not match, and the page generates a validation error. The final field is the e-mail address field; you need to make this a required field as well. Finally, you need to add some script at the top of the page if you will use this data after is validated (see Listing 36-12). Listing 36-12: Script if Page IsValid
of location are not scale-equivariant, unless we couple them with a scale estimate. In such cases, we should tune the properties of the scale estimate to that of the location estimate to which it is subordinated. For instance, we would not want to spoil the good breakdown properties of a location estimate by an early breakdown of the scale estimate. For related reasons, it appears to be more important to keep the bias of the scale estimate small than to strive for a small (asymptotic) variance. This was first recognized empirically in the course of the Princeton robustness study, [see Andrews et al. (1972)l. As a result, the so-called median absolute deviation (MAD) has emerged as the single most useful ancillary estimate of scale. It is defined as the median of the absolute deviations from the median: MAD, = med{lz, - A & ] } , where
Part III: Working with Assemblies
As you encounter more specialized situations with multibodies and dependencies, you may notice more quirks in the SolidWorks internal body management. The next section on Managing Bodies addresses some of these quirks directly.
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