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what it is doing is allowing the airlines to pass you the buck. In a way, it is almost allowing them to make you an unpaid employee! Today you are doing work that yesterday was done by airline staff. You are searching through a database to nd the best ticket for you (previously done by staff on the phone), you are printing your own boarding pass and checking yourself in (previously done by staff at the airport), and you are choosing where to sit often paying a premium for it (again, previously done by staff at the airport). You have actually turned yourself from a customer into an asset for the company you are ying with. Yes, it has saved you time, although if the airline had the appropriate number of check-in desks open in the rst place you wouldn t need to wait in a queue. Fewer check-in desks, fewer people, lower costs, higher profits. All it takes is a good bit of communication for us to think it is a good idea! The airlines have been very clever with this. They have managed to turn their customers into their employees and by doing this save money. Banks have done it, too, through online banking, and other industries are going that way every day.
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Turning on the rewall is as easy as clicking On and then clicking OK. However, you ll likely want to con gure exceptions and set advanced settings. To con gure exceptions to allow speci c applications or ports, click the Exceptions tab, shown in Figure 3-11. As Figure 3-11 indicates, Windows Firewall includes a small selection of exceptions by default. These include File and Printer Sharing, Remote Desktop, and UPnP Framework. However, none of these exceptions is enabled by default. To enable one, place a check beside its entry. To add a program exception, click Add Program. Windows Firewall displays an Add a Program dialog box in which you select the application s executable. If adding a port, click the Add Port button instead, which displays the Add a Port dialog box, in which you specify a name and the port number (see Figure 3-12).
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You can mirror a right-handed part to create a left-handed part. To activate the Mirror Part command, you must select a plane or planar face. Then, select Insert Mirror Part to initiate the Mirror Part command. Mirror parts can also use configurations, and so if you have one of those mirrored exactly except for . . . parts, you can select the configuration of the parent from the child document.
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If the view has no pre-drawn, pre-selected loop, then initiating the function activates the spline sketch tool. It is not necessary to use a spline as the closed loop for this view type, but Broken-out Section Views are traditionally created with a freehand sort of boundary, even when drawn manually. If the loop is closed in an uninterrupted workflow, then after the last spline point is drawn, joining the spline back to itself, the Section Scope dialog box appears. This enables you to select any parts that are not to be sectioned. It is customary to avoid sectioning shafts, screws, or other cylindrical components. Using the Section Scope, the image on the right in Figure 21.14 would be altered to look like the image on the right in Figure 21.15. The recommended workflow is to initiate the function from the toolbar, use the spline to create the closed loop, and to not pre-draw a loop. This makes everything flow more smoothly, and you create the view surprisingly quickly. If you must use a sketch tool other than the spline, then you must pre-draw it. Even if you simply change sketch tools when the Broken-out Section View automatically activates the spline, because the workflow has been broken, creating the closed loop does not automatically display the Section Scope interface.
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Problem 8H
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Figure 17-2: Creating a new project The following templates are available through the Templates pane: Windows Application: Create a Windows Forms-based application Class Library: Create a Class Library to use in another application Windows Control Library: Create Windows Formsbased controls Web Application: Create a Web Server based ASP.NET-based application comprised of static or dynamic HTML pages Web Service: Create a Web-based Service to be consumed by any application that can communicate over the HTTP protocol Web Control Library: Create Web-based controls Console Application: Create a command-line application Windows Service: Create a Windows Service Empty Project: Empty Windows Application project Empty Web Project: Empty Web server-based application Import Folder Wizard: Create a new project based on an existing application 2. Select the Windows Application template. 3. Type a Name for your application. For our purposes, type HelloWorld, the de facto standard for all first-time projects. 4. For the Location, you can accept the default, which is your My Documents folder. If you want to store your project files elsewhere, simply click the Browse button and select a new location. 5. Click Add to Solution or Close Solution. This option allows you to either add your new project to the existing solution, or close the existing solution and start a new one. An example would be adding a new Web Service application to your existing VB .NET solution. 6. If you are adding to an existing solution, you can specify an alternate directory and solution name for your new project by entering a value in the New Solution Name text box. 7. Click OK. As your hard drive churns in circles creating your new HelloWorld project, let's go over the structure of files and where they are stored when new projects and solutions are created, and what the file extensions mean.
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The title of a post may be the most important strategic marketing portion of a post. When the Google search engine indexes content, for example, the title is what helps the search engine understand what the page is about. On individual post pages (permalinked posts), the title of the post is generally the title tag on the page itself, boosting the importance of this post title to the marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) of a site.
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The Favorites Center window appears.
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Part 2: Starting Out with Ubuntu
On the Web
Home network: Used for your home network or other trusted network type. When
The alternate text is important if the visitor s browser can t display graphics.
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