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Figure 6.2 The hellojs.html page
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Figure 17.28 shows the progression from a plate with holes in an assembly. In this example, you would select the edges of the holes, then select a fastener, and then choose Insert Into Assembly from the RMB menu, to fully populate the part.
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The SQL Server documentation team did an excellent job with Books Online (BOL) SQL Server s mega help on steroids. The articles tend to be complete and include several examples. The indexing method provides a short list of applicable articles. BOL may be opened from Management Studio or directly from the Start menu. BOL is well integrated with the primary interfaces. Selecting a keyword within Management Studio s Query Editor and pressing Shift+F1 will launch BOL to the selected keyword. The Enterprise Manager help buttons will also launch the correct BOL topic. Management Studio also includes a dynamic Help window that automatically tracks the cursor and presents help for the current keyword.
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Figure 17.A.4 Yield rate f (z), the percentage of a random variable with a normal distribution at each interval z = 0.5.
The easiest way to create multiple bodies is to simply create what SolidWorks classifies as multiple disjoint closed contours. What that means is simply two circles or rectangles that do not touch or overlap. If these are created in the same sketch, then when extruded, they will create as many bodies as there are closed loops in the sketch. If the part has an existing solid, then creating a sketch that does not touch the solid can also create a separate body. You cannot make Multiple Thin features in a single sketch. This is presumably because the interface has no way to identify different thickness directions for different open profiles. This holds true whether or not the Multiple Thin features create multiple bodies. If a solid feature other than a mirror or pattern touches a solid body, then the new and the old bodies will be merged into a single body.
14. Add a washer and a nut to the bottom stack of the binding head screws. Using the Stack Components panel of the final tab of the Hole Series / Smart Fastener interface, add a washer and a nut to the bottom stack. 15. A dialog box appears, enabling you to add a washer and a nut, as shown in Figure 17.37. You may want to roll the model over so that you can see the components being added to the underside of the screw. You can add other properties to the parts using the Properties button. Notice that the screw has been lengthened to accommodate the added components.
TABLE 10.1
The internal environment
The frame structure of OIL is based on XOL (Karp et al., 1999), an XML serialization of the OKBC-lite knowledge model (Chaudhri et al., 1998). In these languages classes (concepts) are described by frames, whose main components consist of a list of superclasses and a list of slot- ller pairs.
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