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The first tag importer is an internal importer that converts WordPress categories to WordPress tags. Categories are hierarchical metadata while tags are flat, so sometimes it is necessary, depending on the strategy and needs of a blog, to convert categories to tags. This is also true when a blogger moves a blog from another platform that only uses categories but wants to begin to use WordPress tags after moving. All categories can be converted as a batch. This is done from the WordPress Convert Categories to Tags page, shown in Figure 16.9, and found by choosing Tools Import. Simply select the categories you wish to convert into tags and click Import. All transactions will be done via the WordPress database layer so there is no need to do anything else.
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Table 4-6: Windows Touch Keyboard Shortcuts
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It immediately starts asking for your assistance. Allow it to download updates for the installation on the first screen, shown in Figure 2.17. It then asks for your Windows Vista product key (Figure 2.18). Type it in carefully. Don t type any dashes, as the Vista installer fills them in for you automatically.
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Libraries and Windows 7
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20 25 SNR per RX antenna (dB)
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The first six lines show the SOA record for your new domain. The ISP points your domain name to the ISP server
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Using Media Extenders
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Between the various departments in an organization are numerous physical units to consider. Departments may be located in separate buildings and/or in other cities. In Millennium City, for example, the Mayor s of ce, or City Hall, is remote from the DITT. The MCPD is spread over numerous buildings across town. We also have intranets to deal with, as well as WANs and dedicated connections between departments that cooperate closely. The Police Department of a city of this size employs its own technical team that manages network resources and systems at both the of ce of the Police Commissioner and at the individual precincts. The MCPD is also hooked into the systems at the Department of Transportation, the District Attorney s Of ce, the Department of Corrections, and so on.
of one of those instruments. The basic function of such instruments is as follows: loader/unloader for wafer cassette, VPD reaction chamber(s) to make the wafers hydrophobic, a scanning unit to collect the surface impurities into a small droplet, and a stage for drying the droplet to deposit a
Performance testing has shown that when the data and execution plan are already in the cache, stored procedures are slightly faster than views; however, if the execution plan is not cached (meaning that it has not been executed recently), then views execute faster than stored procedures. Both views and stored procedures test faster than submitting a select to SQL Server regardless of what s in the cache. This proves the best practice of using views to support users ad hoc queries, and stored procedures for the application s data abstraction layer.
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Windows Media Player has a more flexible UI: WMP supports different video
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