In the Help menu is a selection called Moving from AutoCAD. This is intended to help transitioning users acclimate to their new surroundings. Terminology is a big part of the equation when making this switch, and figures prominently in the Moving from AutoCAD help file. Likely the most helpful tools in Moving from AutoCAD are the Approach to Modeling and Imported AutoCAD Data sections. This information is useful whether you are coming to SolidWorks from AutoCAD or another CAD package.
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Locking and blocking is more common a problem than most developers think, and too many DBA solve the problem by lowering the transaction isolation level using nolock and that s dangerous. Concurrency can be compared to a water fountain. If folks are taking long turns at the fountain or filling buckets, a line may form, and those waiting for the resource will become frustrated. Setting nolock is like saying, Share the water. A better solution is to satisfy the needs with only a sip or to reduce the duration or the transaction. The best way to develop efficient transactions is to design efficient schemas, use set-based code, and index well. When the schema, queries, and indexes are already reducing the transaction duration, be sure to place only the required logic within logical transactions and be careful with logic inside triggers, since they occur within the transaction. But reducing blocked resources won t overcome an unnecessary table scan.
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Figure 11-15: Confirm the system restore date.
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Number of Views and Orientation
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Architectural implications
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14. How can Microsoft support technicians differentiate between the results
Forests and Trees
opposite vertices of this parallelogram, of which M is the centre, so the movement from 0 to M is one half of the movement from 0 to C. Therefore, OM = fOC = l(OA + DB). Once again we discover - this time by thinking in terms of straight line movements - that the midpoint of AB is the 'average' of A and B. All the examples of new mathematical games that we have been looking at developed out of old and familiar ideas which were stretched, extended, added to, or just looked at in a novel manner. There are other sources of mathematical innovation. Some of these lie in science, and we shall see examples in s 9 and 10. Others lie in puzzles and recreations, in posers and teasers that might seem at first glance to be amusing but not serious, suitable occupation for a rainy day but not the stuff of which important mathematics is made. What a mistaken view! The questions which Diophantos asked about numbers were of no practical importance whatsoever; they were originally puzzling (but difficult) questions which Diophantos enjoyed answering. Yet later, when Fermat studied his copy of Diophantos and asked more and deeper questions, and then when Euler studied Fermat and did the same, followed by others, their researches became the major source of modern number theory. Another field of modern mathematics, called graph theory (not to be confused with the graphs used in coordinate geometry) has developed explosively in the twentieth century. It grew out of even simpler puzzles, which had been appearing in popular puzzle books long before most mathematicians took them seriously. Here are some examples. Figure 5.28 gives a plan of the maze at Hampton Court Palace. Early mazes had a religious significance, but the Hampton Court maze was designed purely as entertainment. While walking through
Why you want it: It provides a way to collaborate online with groups of people, such as families, sports teams, and the like. Type: Online service. Windows Live Groups is an intriguing idea: basically, it s like Microsoft s server-oriented SharePoint for consumers, offering a way for any group of individuals to share things such as documents and other files, calendars, and photos, and a place to connect, discuss things, and discover what s going on. Windows Live Groups ( is shown in Figure 23-18. When you create a group, a group calendar is created for you in Windows Live Calendar and you can optionally overlay your group calendars in your own private calendar if you d like.
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Figure 4.32. The Ease of Access Center from the Control Panel.
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