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AfterLabelEdit (Public Instance Event)
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What s interesting is that the Windows Phone Search button works a bit differently depending on where you are in the UI when you tap the button. In the vast majority of Windows Phone experiences, tapping this button simply launches Bing. This is true of such applications and hubs as Messaging, Calendar, Internet Explorer, Xbox Live, Pictures, Music + Video, Office, and Me. But in other experiences, the behavior is a bit different. If you are using the Phone application, or the People hub, and tap the Search button, an integrated search experience opens on top of the application, allowing you to search the underlying contacts database. Tap the Search button in Mail, and an integrated search experience appears on top of the app, letting you search through the various mailboxes associated with the currently used account. Maps and Marketplace work similarly, with the Windows Phone integrated search experience opening on top of the app. Microsoft Office works a bit uniquely. In most cases, tapping Search will launch the Bing app. But Excel, OneNote, and Word also provide in-app Find functionality so you can fi nd text within spreadsheets, notes, and word processing documents, respectively. In cases where an application provides an in-app search or fi nd experience, you can learn more about that behavior in the appropriate chapter in this book.
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Figure 14.A.2 S21 testing for a chip. inductor.
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The Indent feature is what the Surface Push Deform is trying to be, or should try to be. Indent uses the same ingredients as the Surface Push, but it produces a result that is both intelligible and useful. For example, if you are building a plastic housing around a small electric motor, then the Indent feature shapes the housing and creates a gap between the housing and the motor. Figure 7.59 shows the PropertyManager interface for the Indent feature, as well as a before-andafter shot of the indent.
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The union operation is different from a join. In relational algebra terms, a union is addition, whereas a join is multiplication. Instead of extending a row horizontally as a join would, the union stacks multiple result sets into a single long table, as illustrated in Figure 9-13. These few rules must be followed when constructing a union query: The column names, or aliases, must be determined by the first select. Every select must have the same number of columns, and each lineup of columns must share the same data-type family. Expressions may be added to the select statements to identify the source of the row so long as the column is added to every select. The union may be used as part of a select into (a form of the insert verb covered in 16, Modifying Data ) but the into keyword must go in the first select statement.
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Table 2-2: Relationship Cardinality
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28: Employing Master Model Techniques
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Unmounting a volume is equally easy. Open the Disk Management node, right-click the volume you want to unmount, and choose Change Drive Letter and Path. Select the path you want to remove and click Remove. Click Yes to verify the operation or No to cancel it.
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A free ScreenCast on creating the physical schema using the Database Diagram tool may be downloaded or viewed on the book s companion website,
Decision Trees
At this point, the Extender Setup wizard configures the PC to interact with the Extender. This process can take a few minutes, as part of the configuration is locating and identifying all of your media. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 will load the Media Center Extender software and connect to your PC over the network, and you will see the familiar Media Center experience appear on the Xbox 360 (or Extender). From that point, using Media Center Extender via the Xbox 360 should be virtually indistinguishable from using it on the PC, albeit with possible lag time due to network slowness.
1: The Flaw of Averages
Looking at the WordPress Ecosystem
10. Create a local pattern (Insert Component Pattern Linear Pattern). Select one of the sketch lines drawn in Step 1 as a pattern direction. 11. Highlight the Components to Pattern selection box. Select the first part in the FeatureManager and then Shift+select the last pattern feature. This patterns everything in the assembly. 12. Make the spacing four inches with three instances. 13. Create a second direction using another of the sketch lines with six-inch spacing and four instances. 14. Notice how the preview shows 12 instances of the patterned assembly. Select the option for Pattern seed only and see how the preview changes to seven instances. Figure 15.10 shows this difference. Click OK to accept the feature.
Figure 24-4: If you have specific backup needs, you can micro-manage Windows Backup as well.
User Testing
FIGURE 13.2 Internet Explorer 7+, maximized
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