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start a new conversation with a person for which there s already a stored conversation, Windows Phone will simply add your new messages to the existing conversation. Again, you can t have multiple conversations with the same person. Over time, as you conduct more and more conversations via messaging, you ll discover that the Conversations list in Messaging will become clogged up with conversations that you either don t care about anymore or simply don t need any more. Either way, it s easy to delete individual conversations. Just tap and hold on the doomed conversation and choose Delete from the pop-up menu that appears, as shown in Figure 14-12.
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sar Files DESCRIPTION Samples counters interactively or uses data collected in performance log files and reports it as specified by commandline arguments. Samples data and writes special markers noting when the counters were reset. Stores performance data in the /var/adm/sa file. Creates activity reports from sar data. Starts data collection when the system reboots. Specifies how often and when performance data will be collected.
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Administering a Sun Fire server can be anything from an easy task to one that is quite daunting, depending on the type of server you are administering and how well you know the commands available to help with this task. Many of us have never before managed a system running multiple independent copies of Solaris, for example, and may have to adjust our thinking to accommodate the possibilities that this opportunity provides. In this section, we discuss administration commands for each of the server lines.
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Figure 8-12: Parental Controls enable you to configure various restrictions for your children.
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You can e-mail them as an attachment or you can fax them using the Windows Fax and Scanner feature.
4.2 4.3
Networks provide the connections between computer resources in order to accommodate the ow of information. Networks support the logical transfer of data during a communications session through the establishment of paths, circuits, or channels over a physical medium. The network can be in the form of a Local Area Network (LAN), a Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), or a Wide Area Network (WAN). These networks support communications over areas of increasing geographic scope. Data LANs, MANs, and WANs, which I discuss in later chapters, also can be interconnected.
Integrating over W yields
Figure 3.6 S-parameters. The performance speci cation of an RF component in terms of incident, re ected, and transmitted electric eld.
bits are actually sent. Therefore, such a constituent encoder usually has code rate 1 i.e., puts out one coded bit per source bit (see Figure 14.17).10 Summarizing, one of the encoders (the direct feedthrough), uses the original source data sequence as input, while in the other case, the sequence is rst interleaved. The sequences (original sequences, plus the redundant bits from the other encoders) are then multiplexed. The resulting code is systematic, as it still contains the original data sequence. Since the systematic part is transmitted only once, the code rate of the total system is 1/(N + 1). Besides this basic structure, many other turbo encoders are possible. As research in this area is still very active, we refrain from giving a taxonomy of encoders here. The code rate of the above encoder is Rc = 1/3. However, it can be increased by puncturing. For example, outputs x1 and x2 can be used as input to a multiplexer that alternatingly uses a bit from the rst encoder x1 and discards a bit x2 from encoder 2; or that uses x2 and discards x1 . This realizes an encoder with code rate Rc = 1/2.
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/dev/term/a # /dev/term/b #
T1 connections provide bandwidth of 1.544 Mbps at approximately 0.75 MHz. T1s are routinely provisioned over specially conditioned, four-wire twisted-pair cable, with repeaters spaced at approximately 6000 ft. Category 5e copper, in a LAN environment, provides bandwidth of 100+ Mbps at a signaling rate of 100+ MHz over twisted-pair cable at distances of up to 100+ m. Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Loop (ADSL) simultaneously supports as much as 6.144 Mbps in the downstream direction, a bidirectional channel supporting as much as 608 kbps, and an analog voice channel over a single conditioned physical two-wire twisted-pair local loop at distances up to 2 miles. Standardsbased ADSL speci cations also de ne considerably higher speeds, although over shorter distances. Error Performance
for X-ray spectroscopy. Those and many variations of the device will be described in a later section. The most important features of such devices are fast signal detection within a timing precision of nanoseconds law read node capacitance for low noise and fast signal detection.
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