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Understanding When a Blog Is Not a Blog
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Figure 5.2 Equilibrium speeds are associated with positions of the horizon in the windshield.
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<h1>Choose a Value with the Slider</h1> <div id= track > <div id= tool > <img src= images/slider_tool.png alt= /> </div> </div> <p><input id= value type= text /></p>
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FIGURE 23.16 The drawing after Step 4
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Internet Explorer 7+
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FIGURE 25.5 The Line Weights settings in Tools Options
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Upward curving
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n Always use unique filenames for your parts. SolidWorks assemblies and drawings may pick up incorrect references if you use parts with identical names. n Using Custom Properties is a great way to enter text-based information into your parts. Users can view this information from outside the file by using applications such as Windows Explorer, SolidWorks Explorer, and Product Data Management (PDM) applications. n Learn to sketch using automatic relations. n Use fully dimensioned sketches when possible. Splines are often impractical to fully dimension. n Limit your use of the Fixed constraint. n When possible, make relations to sketches or stable reference geometry, such as the Origin or standard planes, instead of edges or faces. Sketches are far more stable than faces, edges, or model vertices, which change their internal ID at the slightest change and may disappear entirely with fillets, chamfers, split lines, and so on. n Do not dimension to edges created by fillets or other cosmetic or temporary features. n Apply names to features, sketches, and dimensions that help to make their function clear. n When possible, use feature fillets and feature patterns rather than sketch fillets and sketch patterns. n Combine fillets into as few fillet features as possible; this also allows you to control fillets that need to be controlled separately, such as fillets to be removed for Finite Element Analysis (FEA), drawings, and simplified configurations; or added for rendering. n Create a simplified configuration when building very complex parts or working with large assemblies. n Model with symmetry in mind. Use feature patterns when possible. n Use link values or global variables to control commonly used dimensions. n Do not be afraid of configurations. Control them with design tables where there are more than a few configs, and document any custom programming or automated features in the spreadsheet. n Use display states when possible instead of configurations. n Use multi-body modeling for various techniques within parts; it is not intended as a means to create assemblies within a single part file. n Cosmetic features fillets, in particular should be saved for the bottom of the design tree. It is also a good idea to put them all together into a folder. n Use the setting at Tools Options Performance Verification on rebuild in combination with the Ctrl+Q command to check models periodically and before calling them done. The more complex the model, or the more questionable some of the geometry or techniques might be, the more important it is to check the part. n Always fix errors in your part as soon as you can. Errors cause rebuild time to increase, and if you wait until more errors exist, troubleshooting may become more difficult.
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Using Hole Wizard and Toolbox
The Indent feature can be problematic if it breaks into multiple areas as it does in this part, due to the ribbing on the underside of the target body. Notice that in the PropertyManager in Figure 26.4, two selections were made in the Tool body region selection box. The tool body is selected on either side of the rib that bisects the tool. This concept is not very intuitive, and you may have to play with the part and the options to understand what it is doing.
On the topic of rollback management, the RMB menu has several rollback options, such as Rollback, Roll to End, and Roll to Previous.
Query parameters can also be used to specify the values passed to a stored procedure. The following example calls a stored procedure named uspSubcategories that contains a parameter for the CategoryID:
40 Securing Databases
Figure 12.3. Benchmark of peer-reviewed academic reports of organic semiconductor device eld-effect mobility versus time of report. All data points are for spin-coated organic semiconducting transistors. Solid points are derived from the benchmark study completed in 2002 by Brazis and Dyrc at Motorola (unpublished). The curve is a calculated estimation, based on these data, of what the expected mobility values will be in the future. The open points are data derived in 2005 from the public journals for veri cation of the 2002 prediction.6 38
FIGURE 7.30 The Round Corners option, both on and off
making and receiving Phone callS
The DNS Console
Part V: Mobility
This code should give you a fairly good idea of how to use many of the template tags. The function bloginfo() is a template tag that wraps around the get_option() function used in many plugins. It has a variety of different options that are used in templates, most notably name ,
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