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State Change Tone-on to tone-off Tone-off to tone-on 450-ms Tone-off pulse, or tone-off to tone-on Tone-on to tone-off
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1. Turn the camera on. 2. Press the Menu button. Use the
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29: Using SolidWorks Sheet Metal Tools
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Check is a tool that checks geometry for invalid faces and other similar geometry errors. It is also often used to find open edges of surface bodies, short edges, and the minimum radius on a face or entity. I usually apply the Check tool before turning on the Verification on rebuild option. The Check tool points to specific face or edge geometry (not features or sketches) that is the cause of the problem. When it finds general faults the locations that the Check tool points to may or may not have something obvious to do with a possible fix. Much of the time, the best tool for tracking down geometry errors is the combination of experience and intuition. It is not very scientific, but you come to recognize where potential problems are likely to arise, such as attempting to intersect complex faces at complex edges. Figure 11.8 shows the Check Entity dialog box.
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Figure 22.7-3. B-ISUP parameter format. (From Rec. Q.2763. Reproduced with the kind permission of ITU.)
1 nD2 = n-1
14. The configurator table is simply a table that enables you to select which component configurations are to be used with which Smart Component configuration. It looks and works very much like an assembly design table, but it is not Excel-based, and every cell must be set explicitly rather than using techniques for mass population or assigning properties to a range of configs, such as you can do with a real design table.
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