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A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) Practice standards, such as those for work breakdown structures Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPISM)
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functions, such as accounting, billing, directory, and collecting network usage data. Gatekeepers may be distinct network elements, or gatekeeper functionality can be incorporated into (MCUs). Multipoint Control Units (MCUs) support conferencing among three or more participating terminals. The MCU comprises a Multipoint Controller (MC) and optional Multipoint Processors (MPs). The MC is responsible for call control negotiation to achieve common levels of communication. The MP may process either a single media stream or multiple media streams, depending on the nature of the conference. H.324
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Partitioning Your Hard Drive
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Part IV: Networking and the Internet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 299
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Example of CDR outgoing call records. new font code39
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The command dig takes a single argument by default: the name of the domain for which you want information. You see a number of sections: a QUESTION SECTION, which says that you re looking for A records for; an ANSWER SECTION, which tells you there are three main IP addresses (known here as A records) that respond to the domain; and an AUTHORITY SECTION, which shows you the DNS servers for the domain. A DNS server manages different kinds of records. The A record provides the address for a web server; an NS record provides additional name server addresses; and an MX record provides mail exchangers, which are servers that respond to email requests. You can use dig to query specific DNS records. If you want to know the mail servers for a domain, you can use a less verbose form of dig that provides exactly what you re looking for:
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1. Packet-Based Multimedia Communications Systems, Rec. H.323, ITU-T, Geneva, July 2003. 2. Call Signalling Protocols and Media Stream Packetization for Packet-Based Multimedia Communication Systems, Rec. H.225, ITU-T, Geneva, July 2003. 3. Control Protocol for Multimedia Communication, Rec. H.245, ITU-T, Geneva, July 2003. 4. Security and Encryption for H-Series (H.323 and Other H.245-Based) Multimedia Terminals Rec. H.235, ITU-T, Geneva, Aug. 2003. 5. Information Technology Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1): Speci cation of Basic Notation, Rec. X.680, ITU-T, Geneva, July 2002.
Table 10.1
Global Diffusion of the Internet
and structures. Increasingly, there is interest in combining inorganic, organic, and even biological materials into self-organizing structures. This process can only be done through low-temperature, solution-based processing. In addition, the drive to exible and 3D-structures lends itself especially to printing technologies. Some of the key topics discussed in the other chapters of the book center on materials-related issues, deposition approaches, and next-generation approaches to devices and structures. In this chapter, we do not try to be inclusive with respect to the contents of the book, but rather we try to look at some of the important areas of commonality and then look forward to some exciting future directions.
FIGURE 2.8 The installer displays its progress through several steps.
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