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FigurE 7-14: Requests.
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RF Measurements for Cellular Phones and Wireless Data Systems. By A. W. Scott and R. Frobenius Copyright # 2008 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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Part I
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Firewall Network Address Translation .mcity.cit Intranet MCDC01.MCITY.CIT (Active Directory Root) 100.40.X.X Illegal namespace
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Abbreviations: NUL: Null character. A transmission control character used to serve a media- ll or time- ll requirement, i.e., a stuff character or padding character. SOH: Start Of Header. A transmission control character indicating the start of a message heading. STX: Start of TeXt. A transmission control character to start the reading, transmission, reception, or recording of text. ETX: End of TeXt. A transmission control character to terminate the reading, transmission, reception, or recording of text. EOT: End Of Transmission. A transmission control character to terminate a transmission that may have included one or more texts or messages. ENQ: ENQuiry. A transmission control character used to request a response from a station to which a connection has been established. The request may be for the station identi cation, type of equipment, and station status. NAK: Negative AcKnowledegment. A transmission control character sent by the receiving device to the transmitting device to indicate that a received block of data contained one or more errors. A NAK will trigger the transmitting device to retransmit that errored block. ACK: ACKnowledgment. A transmission control character sent by the receiving device to the transmitting device to indicate that a received block of data contained no errors. BEL: BELl. A transmission control character that causes a bell to ring or activates some other audio or visual device to gain the attention of the operator at the receiving station. ETB: End of Transmission Block. A code extension character used to indicate the end of the transmission of a block of data. CAN: CANcel. A transmission control character indicating that the associated data are in error or are to be ignored. EM: End of Medium. The physical end of a data storage medium, or the usable portion of the medium. SUB: SUBstitute. Used in place of a character that is known to be invalid, i.e., in error. Also used to indicate a character used in place of one that cannot be represented on a given device, e.g., e may be used in place of (epsilon) or d may be used in place of (delta). ESC: ESCape. A code extension character used to indicate a change in code interpretation to another character set, according to some convention or agreement. This is much like the use of the shift key in Baudot code to indicate a shift between gures and characters. CR: Carriage Return. A format control character that causes the print or display position to move to the rst position, or left-hand margin, of the screen or print medium. Now often associated with an LF (Line Feed), which moves the print position down to the next line.
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In the past, you had the Window pull-down menu to switch between open windows in the IDE. With Visual Studio .NET, there is the tabbed document theme that adds a tab to the top of the main window for each document or file that you have open (see Figure 17-4). This includes the MSDN Help topics that we previously looked at, the object browser, the Start page, Code File, forms, or any previously opened window. To switch between open documents, simply click on the tab that represents the document you want to open. To close a document, or to navigate forward and backward within open documents, use the buttons on the upper right-hand corner of the main window, which give further navigation control. The Ctrl+Tab key combination will navigate open windows in the main workspace. This technique is identical to the Alt+Tab key combination that we use to navigate open windows in the operating system. Figure 17-4: Tabbed document feature
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FigurE 9-32: Bing Shopping s results lists are visual, so you can see the products in question.
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(1) u is computed from x and v from y : u = Q(x),v = E(y).
Using Visualization Techniques
1. Receive your invitation on a computer running an edition of Windows Vista. 2. Open Remote Assistance and browse for the invitation file. 3. Enter the password provided by the person who needs assistance. The helper will now have full access to the other user s computer. A chat window on each desktop, shown in Figure 9.8, allows both users to chat and control the session.
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