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Operating Environment Troubleshooting Tools
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Automating Everything . . . Well, Almost!
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Comparison of DRAM and SRAM Soft Errors The capacitance of a sensitive node (cross-coupled node) in an SRAM memory cell is usually much smaller than the cell capacitance in a DRAM memory cell. Figure 7.32 compares the typical node capacitance for several generations of DRAMs and SRAMs. 28 While the DRAM cell capacitance has been maintained fairly constant because of the sensing requirement, the SRAM node capacitance has decreased rapidly. Although the active p-MOS load compensates for this smaller node capacitance somewhat, this still results in a smaller critical charge and higher number of soft errors for SRAMs as shown in Figure 7.33. It is expected that an additional capacitance must be added to the SRAM sensitive node for future SRAM generations to maintain an acceptable soft-error rate.
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in 1999) employs Complementary Code Keying (CCK), boosting data rates to 11 Mbit/s. The Packet Binary Convolutional Coding (PBCC) method is backwardcompatible to both Barker and CCK codes and allows data rates to be increased to 22 Mbit/s (in 802.lib and 802.llg) and 33 Mbit/s (in 802.llg). PBCC is an option in both 802.lib and 802.llg extensions. More technical details of these coding schemes can be found in [1]. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is a multiplexing technique that forms the basis of the 802.1 la and 802.llg extensions. The method involves combining many radio subchannels (or subcarriers), each transporting a portion of the information contained in a data packet. OFDM is based on a mathematical concept called Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), which allows individual subchannels to maintain their orthogonality (or separation) from adjacent subchannels. This technique allows received data to be reliably extracted and multiple subchannels to overlap in the frequency domain for increased spectral efficiency. Prior to FFT, multichannel systems utilized a number of carriers generated by separate local oscillators, which proved to be inefficient and expensive. OFDM is not a modulation scheme as some people seem to imply and does not exclude the use of other modulation schemes. In fact, 802.1 la defines four different modulation schemes to be used in conjunction with OFDM. The use of OFDM is only recently becoming widespread because integrated chips that can perform high speed FFT in real time have become economical. The primary benefit of OFDM is that it avoids multipath fading caused by signal reflections (see Section 2.11), which is a major problem in wireless communications. Each subchannel transports information at a rate slow enough so that any delayed copies due to reflections affect only a small fraction of the transmitted data. Multiple subchannels are sent at the same time, and these subchannels are combined at the receiver, thereby achieving the equivalent data rate of a single high-speed channel. When multiple antennas are employed in conjunction with OFDM, the multipath problem can be turned into an advantage, increasing available data rates significantly (see Section 2.12). The various physical transmission methods are summarized in Figure 2.1.
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Using the Base Flange Method for Sheet Metal Parts
Figure 1.8 Cover latches.
The following sections describe the Totem movie player interface and how to set preferences for it.
The pessimistic concurrency model is useful when data is bulk loaded or when DML queries (INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE SQL statements) or input parameters are used within an ExecuteNonQuery statement. The optimistic concurrency model is useful when it is desirable for the application to take specific steps such as retrying or writing to a failure log when a data modification operation fails.
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