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The heterobipolar transistor offers, as a first choice, an enhanced current gain (see Eqs. 2.88-2.92) when the doping profile is unchanged. In practice, the real advantage of the HBT is not to achieve high current gain but to trade gain for freedom in the base profile engineering, such as low base widths and high base dopings. In the HBT, the current gain [I is guaranteed by the bandgap difference not solely by the base doping which .s much smaller than the emitter doping in BJTs. In a HBT the doping level NA can be increased by a proper choice of AEg without ne r unity. The HBT concept gives more sacrificing the emitter efficiency OCE freedom for the layer design of a bipolar transistor. This freedom can be used to obtain higher current gain 3, a lower Early voltage VEa, a higher transit frequencyfT, and a lower base sheet resistivity Rbi. In the following section the classic concept of a wide-bandgap emitter is treated. Later sections deal with SiGe as a narrow-bandgap base material used in the already developed drift transistor to future strain-adjusted HBTs with strong doping-level inversion. 2.5.1 Wide-Bandgap Emitter
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The Disk Management node is the place to go to manage physical disks and volumes. Disk Management takes the place of the Windows NT Disk Administrator. Unlike the Disk Administrator, Disk Management performs most tasks immediately. In Disk Administrator, you must commit changes for most tasks (such as creating or deleting a partition). If you re an experienced Windows NT administrator, keep this important point in mind when making storage changes with Disk Management. Some of the tasks you can perform with Disk Management include managing partitions, converting basic disks to dynamic disks, creating volumes (basic, spanned, striped, mirrored, RAID-5), creating and deleting physical volumes, formatting disks, and so on.
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Figure 27.19 shows the Fill Surface blending an intersection between tubes. The image to the left shows the before condition with the tubes coming together at an edge. The center image shows the edge trimmed out using the Trim feature, and the right image shows the hole blended over by the Fill Surface feature. In Figure 27.20, a solid starts with a Split line on the surface. A sketch is then added, and a Fill Surface is created using the sketch as a constraint and the Split line as the boundary. The Merge Result option in the Fill PropertyManager has a different significance than it does in a solid feature PropertyManager, but the end result is the same. Remember that this is a surface function, and if it does not merge, then it is left as a surface feature.
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8. WaveletTransform
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Microsoft is implementing a system that will tell graphics hardware manufacturers the minimum specifications that Direct3D 10 will support. Compliant hardware will certainly be marketed as Direct3D 10 compatible. Graphics hardware is either DirectX 10 compliant, or it isn t; the graphics hardware, to be considered DirectX 10 compliant, must support all but a very few optional features. This is different from older versions of DirectX, where some cards were considered compliant even though they couldn t support all of the features.
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Subscribing to Web feeds
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12.1 COAXIAL CONNECTORS Obtaining repeatable measurements hinges on being able to make connections between components and test instrumentation in a precise and reliable way. RF and high frequency signals also require maintaining a good impedance match each time a connection is made. High-quality cables and connectors will demonstrate low insertion loss and good matching properties across the frequency range of interest. As the frequency is increased, the wavelength gets smaller, and the physical tolerances become very demanding, especially for exible test cables. Even with VNA measurements, where the effect of connectors and adapters is removed through two-port calibration, low-quality adapters will make calibration more sensitive to drift errors. Unfortunately, these demands are directly re ected in the price, with higher performing connectors and adapters costing proportionally more than those with poor matching and insertion loss speci cations. Connectors in particular are affected by proper care and cleaning. Because connectors by their very purpose are mated with other connectors in the lab, any dirt or damage on one connector will most likely propagate to other connectors in the lab, or even to the expensive front panel of one of the instruments. Therefore, it is important to keep connectors clean and to remove damaged connectors from the lab. As far as instrumentation is concerned, the connector on the front panel of your instrument can be protected by connecting a high-quality adapter to it and leaving it there
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You can skip over commercials and watch just the show itself. You can pause live TV if interrupted by the phone or some other annoyance. You can watch the show on your schedule, not that of the TV networks. Forget
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FIGURE 16.6 The External References dialog box
+ s2u2.
Using SpeedPaks
Windows Phone provides two start experiences. The fi rst is the default Start screen, which provides a handy glance and go view consisting of a customizable grid of live tiles, which access underlying hubs (panoramic experiences) and applications. This view is brand new to Windows Phone, and unlike anything on other smart phones or, for that matter, other Microsoft products. What s neat about these live tiles is that they can provide rich notification information, allowing you to discover, at a glance, what s going on without having to manually navigate to the underlying application. Consider something basic like the calendar. On the iPhone, the Calendar icon, like any other iPhone icon, can provide only textual notifications. So you can glance at that icon and see that you have one or two pending items in your schedule, but to fi nd out more you have to launch the application. On Windows Phone, the Calendar tile comes alive with information about your next pending schedule item. There s no need to dive into the application. You can just glance and go. These rich notifications can work on any live tile. The People tile animates with each contact s picture. The Pictures tile which spans across the width of the screen, occupying twice the space of lesser tiles will show photos stored on the device as well as those from various online services. The Xbox Live tile displays your avatar. And so on. Third parties, too, can create their own customized live tiles. Glance and go. Glance and go. Windows Phone also offers a second start experience. This one will be more familiar to those of you with experience with other smart phones, because it presents a simple list of every single application installed on the device. Where the default Start screen is glance and go, this secondary screen accessed by tapping the small arrow icon on the right side of the start screen is get me there. Here, you ll find a scrollable list, similar to what was available previously in Windows Mobile 6.5 but formatted a bit differently, of every single app on the device. I ll discuss the Start screen and live tiles in more detail later in this chapter.
To simply create a new folder without putting anything into it right away, RMB click either the Mates area or the components list, and select Create New Folder from the menu.
(3) Refraction method (1) Slit method (2) Grazing incidence method
Figure 4.4-6. International connection. International R2 signaling on T1 and T2.
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