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Editing the smb.conf File
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Original speech input
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What You Need to Get Started
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22.7 Network Coding
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Equipotentiality over the entire gold-plated surface of the box The ground potential may be different from block to block if the gold-plated surface of the box is not equipotential, especially when the size of the box is in the same order of the quarter wavelength or is greater than quarter wavelength. This is important, though the additional ground point on each block board can be added and electrically connected to the main body of the box wherever it is short and convenient. Forward current magnetic coupling If the DC power supply nodes on each branch are not equipotential, forward current magnetic coupling could greatly degrade the performance of the circuitry. Obviously, this is a problem in the multi-closets type of system
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2D versus 3D placement sketches
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Status information on the number of items and the amount of free space available
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Direct cable. This option is exactly what it sounds like. Using a PC to PC serial cable. The first page of the wizard provides a help topic on this option. Home or small office network. This option is only available if you have a home or small office network. If not, it is dimmed. Floppy drive or other removable media. This option allows you to use any removable media such as thumb drives, USB/FireWire drives, or even floppy disks. Given the propensity of floppy drives to go wobbly (corrupt), try using one of the removable media types. CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drives cannot be used here. Other. This option lets you save settings and files to a hard drive or network drive. This option is good if you use a network drive as a backup or an archive. It s also a good option if you wish to save it to your desktop and then burn it to CD-RW.
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Physical Connection
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a philanthropic context. What emerges are four major trends: political, technological, human, and economic.
The LinkButton control (shown in the following examples) is a variation of the Button control. The LinkButton control allows you to place a text on a Web page within a form, and program against it so that it acts as a Button control. Within the code of the document, the LinkButton control is written as <asp:linkbutton>. <asp:LinkButton id="LinkButton1" Text="label" Command="Command" CommandArgument="CommandArgument" OnClick="OnClickMethod" runat="server"/> or <asp:LinkButton id="LinkButton1" Command="Command" CommandArgument="CommandArgument" OnClick="OnClickMethod" runat="server" > Text </asp:LinkButton> The LinkButton control looks as if it is the Hyperlink control, but think of it as a textual version of the Button control. You now build an example (see Listing 35-9) that uses the LinkButton control. Listing 35-9: <asp:linkbutton> Code Example
Creating and Using Libraries
FCA, 4 elements FCA, 8 elements
The Tools Options External References pane of settings controls many aspects of the behavior of external references. You can find a full description of all of the options in Appendix B; however, I will discuss two of these options in this section. I have discussed one of these references earlier No External References and I discuss the other feature, Multiple Contexts, next. This page in the Tools Options dialog box is shown in Figure 16.8.
Assembly drawings probably suffer the most from the monochromatic nature of most SolidWorks drawings because individual components can be difficult to identify when everything is the same color. This is why SolidWorks users typically color parts in the shaded model assembly window. It only makes sense that as users, we would want to do the same thing on the drawing. An intuitive and easy workaround for this problem would seem to be to simply turn the drawing view to a wireframe mode in the same way that changing a drawing view to a shaded mode shows the parts in color. Unfortunately, wireframe on drawings always defaults to black edges. Even if you set a Display State using some wireframe parts where the wireframe displays in the same color as the shaded part in the assembly window, this still appears in black and white on the drawing. Your only option to display the components of an assembly in different colors while using a wireframe display mode is to set the Component Line Font options. (Line Fonts are covered in the next section.) The Component Line Font dialog box contains a Layer setting, which you can use to put a part on a layer. If the layer is set up with a color, then the part displays with that color in all views of the drawing, or in just the current view, depending on your settings. While it does take a little time to set up the individual layers for each part and then to set the parts to the layers, it is better than the alternative, which is to do nothing. You can access the Component Line Font dialog box by right-clicking a component in a drawing view. The Component Line Font dialog box is shown in Figure 25.2. In normal use, the Use Document Defaults option is selected and all of the settings in the dialog box are grayed out. To gain access to these settings, you must deselect the Use Document Defaults option, as shown in Figure 25.2.
Security and Active Directory
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