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Figure 8.6. The position of XRD re ection versus zinc content for CdxZn1 xS thin lms grown by SILAR on ITO (circle) and glass (cross) substrates. Reprinted from Valkonen, Lindroos, and Leskel . 1998. Applied Surface Science 134, Copyright (1998) with permission from Elsevier.
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Offsetting through CSS
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New and Improved Applets
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Mating for Motion
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The recovery model configures SQL Server database settings to accomplish the type of recovery required for the database, as detailed in Table 36-1. The key differences among the recovery models involve how the transaction log behaves and which data is logged.
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If we try to improve by estimating y( ) and y ( 4 )robustly, then these two quantities at least will be asymptotically normal under fairly general assumptions (cf. Sections 7.4 and 7.5). Since the projections are no longer orthogonal, but are defined in a somewhat complicated nonlinear fashion, we do not obtain the same result if we first project to V, and then to V,, as when we directly project to V, (even though the two results are asymptotically equivalent). For the sake of internal consistency, when more than two nested models are concerned, the former variant (project via V ) is preferable. It follows from Proposition 7.4 that, under suitable regularity conditions, lly(p,- y ( 4 ) / /for the robust estimates still is asymptotically x2,when suitably 2 scaled, with p - q degrees of freedom. The denominator of (7.178), however, is nonrobust and useless as it stands. We must replace it by something that is a robust and consistent estimate of the expected value of the numerator. The obvious choice for the denominator, suggested by (7.81), is of course (7.179) where
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Windows Vista is clearly an operating system that is designed to share information with others on your network. Windows Media Player is no different; in fact, it has a feature that allows you to share your multimedia files across your network. Windows Media Player and Windows Vista let you take sharing one step further. When you think of sharing files, most of us think of letting others access files and use them on their own computers. Of course, you can do that, but you can also do more than that. For example, you can use sharing to: n Play multimedia files from another computer in your house. n Use a media extender, such as Xbox 360, to play multimedia files from your computer.
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Linking with Management Studio
FrontPage Server Extensions use HTTP to manage your Web Service project files on the server. The advantage of this method is that you don't need local access to the Web server that's hosting your application (as you do with the Windows File Share method). However, there's no integrated source code control. The disadvantages of this method are as follows: File access is slower. Source code control is limited. The FrontPage Server Extensions must be installed on the server. Of course, if your Web server is resident on the Internet or otherwise unavailable via local access, you have no choice but to use this access method.
For example, let s say that you want to open the DNS console in author mode to add the DHCP snap-in to it. Use this command to open the DNS console in author mode:
exp(j ) d = 0.7 + 0.49j
Bipolar transistor
Extrude Revolve Rib Hole Wizard Wrap
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