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Part VII
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This window appears in all of the configuration options and asks what default domain name to use for all email addresses processed by Postfix that don t already use a domain name. For example, when I use the mailx program from the command line and want to send a message to myself, I use the command:
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Correlated Subquery Method
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Derived configurations are configs that are dependent on other configs. You can create them from the RMB menu on a configuration instead of on the top level in the ConfigurationManager, and they appear indented underneath the parent config. Figure 10.6 shows the RMB menu and the position of the derived config in the tree.
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FIGURE 21.6 Drawing a closed loop with the Display Detail Circles as Circles option both on and off
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Installation folders
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In-context reference update holders
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For T-SQL developers, the output clause can return the data for use within a batch or stored procedure. The data is received into a table variable, which must already have been created. Although the syntax may seem similar to the insert...into syntax, it actually functions very differently. In this example code, the output clause passes the results to a @DeletedGuides table variable:
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ib_logfile1 file: secondary log for SQL statements mysql folder: contains folders and files for the mysql system database, created
A protected method behaves similarly to a protected property. It is accessible only to derived objects. The static indicator means that the method does not require an instance of the class for it to be called. Table 26-7: Protected Static Methods of the Control Method Name ReflectMessage Description Reflects the specified message to the control that owns the specified handled. Essentially, this is a method used to pass messages to other controls.
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Serial number and license server
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Objects in Active Directory are stored and tracked according to an attribute consisting of the object s globally unique identi er, or GUID (pronounced gwid by some and gooeyID or gooID by others). The attribute is called the objectGUID. The object can thus be moved around and changed, even renamed, but its identity will always remain the same. The GUID is the 128-bit number that is assigned to the object upon its creation. An object cannot exist in Active Directory without a GUID; it is one of the compulsory attributes that are automatically assigned when the object is created. The GUID is available for external process reference and programmatic function; in other words, you can reference the object in Active Directory from an external program by its GUID. This mechanism ensures that the object will always be accessible as long as it exists. Ergo, wherever it is moved, it is still accessible. Objects are protected in Active Directory via the SAM access control mechanisms, and security is achieved through the functionality of access control lists (ACLs). In other words, you need to be able to prove ownership and rights over an object if you want to edit or delete it. Power Control and Adaptive Modulation Algorithm
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