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The process of building an Analysis Services database begins by opening a new Analysis Services project in the Business Intelligence Development Studio. Each project corresponds to a database that will be created on the target server when the project is deployed.
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It is possible to create another parent domain in Active Directory and create objects under it that may appear identical to objects in adjacent domain trees. These collections of domain trees are called forests. Active Directory refers to a single domain tree as a forest of one tree. You can also set up trust relationships between these trees, and allow users of one tree in the forest to access the resources in another tree. You would nd yourself adding trees to your forest, for example, when you acquire another IT department in a corporate takeover or merger, or when migrating objects from one domain to another, or integrating with legacy NT domains.
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Part 1: Starting Out with Ubuntu
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The PropertyManager for a table-driven BOM
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T ( G )= T(F) +
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Disturbs have been observed for almost as long as floating-gate memory elements have been used. However, the advent of flash memory has focused attention on this subject. In order to obtain smaller cell sizes, select transistors that have served to minimize the likelihood of disturbs in n-ore established byte alterable E 2 PROMs have been omitted in many flash EEPROMs. This has forced more careful and systematic consideration and characterization of the disturb phenomena. There are many ways of categorizing disturbs: according to the mode in which they occur (e. g., read disturbs and write di sturbs), whether they increase or decrease the net number of electrons on the floating gate (i.e., as electron-gain disturbs and electron loss disturbs), or a grouping that tries to establish a functional discrimination (e.g., soft program, drain disturb, gate disturb). In this section we discuss the underlying mechanisms that cause disturbs, together with a systematic approach to looking for and describing the disturb mechanisms. In studying disturbs, one must be constantly cognizant of the array architecture, which determines the voltages that appear at the terminals of the floating-gate transistor. Figure 8.40 illustrates some common paths for disturb currents. CHE injection, case E in Figure 8.40, is always a consideration for read disturb because both the read and programming, operations apply a positive voltage on the control gate and voltage of - the control-gate voltage on the drain. The only difference between the two modes is thai: the applied voltages are lower during read. Fortunately, the probability of hot-carricr injection decreases exponentially with decreasing applied bias. Nevertheless CHE programming memories are programmed in 1 - 100 its, and a cell must be capable of being read for a minimum of 10 years without being disturbed significantly. Therefore, the injected hot-electron current during read must be reduced by 1013_1015 times with respect to the current injected during programming to meet this requirement if the circuit utilizes static channel current during sensing. Since it is known that the CHE injection varies exponentially with the inverse of drain voltage, a plot of the log of the time for a fixed change in threshold voltage vs. 1/VDRAIN for drain voltages in excess of normal read conditions allows the determination of the maximum drain voltage during the read condition for an adequate disturb margin. In reading, current is deliberately caused to flow in the cell channel. It is also possible for current to inadvertently flow through a deselected cell during program conditions. Consider, for example, Figure 8.15. In this case, assume W/L 1 is selected for programming by biasing the control gate at a positive bias. The other rows are deselected by grounding the unselected control gates. Suppose that a
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Looking at the schematic shown in Figure 1.35, the instability may come from the load inductor, LP,out, and the degenerator inductor, Ldegen. However, in order to retain as much voltage drop across the device as possible, so as to reduce the intermodulation, I prefer to use a load inductor, LP,out, rather than a resistor, even though an inductor is much more expensive than a resistor. On the other hand, in order to satisfy the overlapping condition (1.34) for NFmin without signi cant increase of the noise gure, I prefer to use a degeneration inductor, Ldegen, rather than a degeneration resistor, Rdegen. The value of Ldegen, however, should not be too high, otherwise the gain and stability would both suffer. In design sample, Ldegen = 0.45 nH, the resistor, RP,out, is used to de-Q the load inductor LP,out so as to prevent oscillation. It is the key part in keeping the LNA block stable, while the low value of the degeneration inductor Ldegen provides good assistance. The values of all the parts shown in the schematic in Figure 1.37 are simultaneously optimized to obtain stability with a reasonable gain and noise gure level, that is,
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Linking Files
RIMM (Rambus Inline Memory Module)
Working with Assemblies
These two commands give you complete control over user accounts from the command line, but there are more commands for controlling groups, discussed next.
RSS compatibility in Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Mail share another similarity: they both require you to be using Internet Explorer 8 (provided as part of Windows 7). That s because IE is still the ideal way to discover new feeds; but now you have a choice regarding where to enjoy that content, depending on your habits: you can do so in the browser, using the IE features discussed in 20, or you can use your favorite e mail client.
Problem 6J
Part VII
OIL and DAML1OIL: Ontology Languages for the Semantic Web
Figure 4.4.2 Schematic of the bias circuit for a microcalorimeRL the ter. If R RL , the detector is current biased, if R detector is voltage biased
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