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Customizing Active Directory Using the Schema
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An alternative to CRLs, the online responder, which is based on the Online Certi cate Status Protocol (OCSP), can be used to manage and distribute revocation status information to client consumers of certi cates. Certi cate revocation is a function certi cation authorities (CAs) and, as explained earlier, distributing certi cate revocation lists has been the standard way clients nd out the status of certi cates. In situations where CRL use is impractical, an online responder can be used instead. Online responders distribute OCSP responses about the validity of certi cates. Unlike CRLs, which are distributed periodically and contain information about all certi cates that have been revoked or suspended, an online responder can respond to requests about individual certi cates. Online responders are more ef cient than CRLs. Bandwidth, persistent services, or high-speed connections are no longer a criteria for receiving certi cate status, which was often the case with downloading large CRLs. The online responder services also better handle bottleneck periods, such as during morning logon when a large numbers of users come to work and authenticate during log on or reply to signed e-mails. And the protocol also allows an organization that needs an ef cient means to distribute revocation data for certi cates that are not issued from Active Directory Certi cate Services.
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4 To redisplay hidden slide(s),
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When a taskbar button does represent multiple windows, the button image is slightly different. As you can see in Figure 4-41, a button with multiple underlying windows takes on a more 3D look, providing a hint that there s more underneath. And when you mouse over it, you ll see multiple thumbnails, each representing one of the open windows.
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Tuning performance
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FigurE 1-15: Manage connected services.
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Con guring DNS options for DHCP
Alexander Graham Bell originally developed the concept of using light waves for communications. In early 1880, Bell invented and experimented with the photophone, a system utilizing mirrors to focus modulated sunlight onto a selenium cell. He was successful in transmitting voice over a distance of 700 ft on sunny days and was granted four patents for the invention. While the technique was clearly impractical, Bell nonetheless felt the invention to be his greatest achievement. During World War II, the Nazi military experimented with similar but more advanced systems in tank warfare applications, but the technology remained impractical [7].
Maximizing graphics
Using the Zune PC Software with Windows Phone
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This setting applies to all of the toolbar icons except the Menu Bar and the RMB and Context Bar icons. The setting does apply to the S shortcut toolbar which I discuss later in this section. Large icons can be useful on displays with very high resolution, in particular on laptops where the screen itself may be small but the resolution is very high. All of the screen shots in this book are taken with the Large Icons option turned on for improved visibility. There is often a small difference between the appearance of the large and small icons.
Working with SQL in the Report Designer
reason for the setup failure (subscriber busy, address incomplete, etc.). The signal acronyms and heading codes are listed in Table 9.2-1. Call Supervision Signals. This group consists of forward and backward signals that are sent on the occurrence of events in a connection that has been set up (answer, clear-forward, etc.). The signals and their heading codes are listed in Table 9.2-2.
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