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The Projected view type simply makes a view that is projected in the direction that you dragged the cursor from the selected view. Be aware that first-angle and third-angle projections result in views that are opposite from one another. For example, if you drag at a 45-degree angle, the result is an isometric view. When placing an isometric view that you have created in this way, SolidWorks constrains the new view to a 45-degree-angle line through the Origins of the two views. To place the view somewhere other than along this line, press the Ctrl key while placing the view to break the alignment. The PropertyManager for the Projected View is shown in Figure 21.4.
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IPv6 Addresses with Embedded IPv4 Addresses
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Code InventoryCode QuantityOnHand --------------- --------------- -------------1001 A1 10
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INSERT Person(PersonID, LastName, FirstName, Gender) VALUES (50, Ebob , Bill , M );
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Migration of data between servers must be done using methods that preserve le and folder ownership. The best approach is using Windows Server 2008 backup and restore, or third-party backup programs that offer this feature. However, this might create a problem if local groups (rather than domain local groups) are used to grant permissions to data. You need to pay special attention to services that are running in the context of a user account. Although typically such an account is a member of a local Administrators group, which is exempted from quotas, this might not be the case. In such situations, the service might suddenly stop running if an application using it exceeds disk space quota limits. Disk quotas can be assigned only on a per-user basis, because (with the exception of local Administrators) a group cannot be listed as an owner of a le or a folder. This introduces administrative overhead, unless you apply the same limit to all users.
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Figure 5.3.17 Typical minimum detection limits for soil analysis with the 9000 Field Analyser. (With permission of Thermo MeasureTech)
achilles:~ aaronvegh$ mkdir tobebacked achilles:~ aaronvegh$ cd tobebacked achilles:tobebacked aaronvegh$ touch file1.xml file2.xml file3. xml
The tabbed pane contains your slides and related information. In Normal view, that document is your slide. Click one of the tools in the drawing bar (discussed in the next section) to enter any content. To add more slides before or after that one, right-click over the document area and select Slide New Slide. For each slide, you can use the layouts in the Tasks pane on the right to change their setup. Just above your document you ll see a series of tabs, each of which takes you to a particular view of your slides. Table 7-6 outlines the views and what you find in them.
Figure 10-12: Watcher log file
Population Over Time
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