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You will find a sample template with a format with a Title Block definition added to it on the CD-ROM. The file is called title block.drwdot. Add it to your template library folder and try it out. n
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Auditing enables you to track speci c events. More speci cally, auditing enables you to track the success or failure of speci c events. You may, for example, audit logon attempts, tracking who succeeds in logging on (and when) and who fails at logging on. You may audit object access on a given folder or le, tracking who uses it and the tasks that they perform on it. You can track an overwhelming variety of events in Windows Server 2008, as you learn in the section Con guring Auditing, later in this chapter. Windows Server 2008 provides several categories of events that you can audit, as described in the following list: Account Logon Events. Track user logon and logoff via a user account. Account Management. Track when a user account or group is created, changed, or deleted; a user account is renamed, enabled, or disabled; or a password is set or changed. Directory Service Access. Track access to Active Directory. Logon Events. Track nonlocal authentication events such as network use of a resource or a remote service that is logging on by using the local system account. Object Access. Track when objects are accessed and the type of access performed for example, track use of a folder, le, or printer. Con gure auditing of speci c events through the object s properties (such as the Security tab for a folder or le). Policy Change. Track changes to user rights or audit policies. Privilege Use. Track when a user exercises a right other than those associated with logon and logoff. Process Tracking. Track events related to process execution, such as program execution. System Events. Track system events such as restart, startup, shutdown, or events that affect system security or the security log. Within each category are several different types of events some common and some speci c to the objects or events being edited. If you audit registry access, for example, the events are very speci c to the registry. Rather than cover every possible event that can be audited, this chapter explains how to enable and con gure auditing, looks at speci c cases, and explains how auditing improves security and monitoring in those cases.
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Billions of Instant Messages per day
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to M sets the camera to Manual mode. In Manual mode, you get to pick the shutter speed and the aperture. This gives you complete control over the exposure of the image.
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Differential Pair
The meat and potatoes of Firefox is the browser window area, which is where you ll see web site content appear. Firefox displays both text and images, and it attempts to handle multimedia content such as audio clips and video if it has the appropriate plug-ins (more on that in the Configuring Firefox section later in this chapter). Firefox supports tabbed browsing. Tabbed browsing enables you to open several web sites in the same Firefox window. Tabbed browsing is a relatively new feature in web browsers, so you may not have run into it yet. It s a great feature to use if you have to jump between several sites comparing information. After you start the Firefox web browser, the web site defined as your home page appears in a tabbed page. You can keep that page open and open another web site in a new tabbed page by pressing Ctrl t. The new web page appears within the same Firefox window as a tabbed page. You can switch between the two tabbed pages by simply clicking the appropriate tab at the top of each page. You can also open web links as new tabbed pages by right-clicking the link and selecting Open Link in New Tab. This feature is great for navigating through complex web sites where you need to refer back to previous pages.
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Figure 6.28. Design of pseudo-QMF banks.
DNS Integration with Active Directory
n SRS WOW Effects: SRS Labs is a company that makes various audio applications, including one called WOW. This application can enhance bass and stereo widening of the sound field in increments; you control it with the sliders.
Part I
Inverse (or negative) interactions reduce uncertainty, and the name for an investment added to a portfolio for this purpose is a hedge.
Figure 9.30. You re going to need to set up People Near Me to use Windows Meeting Space.
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