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Wireless LAN 1C Industry 151
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If a Cut feature is placed before the Sheet Metal feature, then as far as SolidWorks is concerned, the part is not a sheet metal part. However, if the cut feature is created after the Sheet Metal feature, then the model has to follow a different set of rules. The normal shear mentioned previously is one of those rules. In Figure 29.2, the sketch for a cut is on a plane that is not perpendicular to the face that the cut is going into. Under a normal modeling situation, the cut just goes through the part at an angle. However, in SolidWorks sheet metal, a new option is added to the PropertyManager for the cut. This is the Normal cut option, and it is selected by default. You could be modeling and never even notice this option, but it is important because it affects the geometrical results of the feature. As shown in Figure 29.34, when the Normal cut option is selected, the thickness faces of the cut are turned perpendicular (or normal) to the face of the sheet metal. This is also important because if the angle between the angled face and the sketch changes, the geometry of the cutout can also change. This setting becomes more important as the material becomes thicker and as the angle between the sketch and the sheet metal face becomes shallower. SolidWorks allows you to have angled faces on side edges, and will maintain the angle when it flattens the part. In previous versions, angles on side faces cause the Flat Pattern feature to fail. Even a
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to nance wheelchairs for drunk drivers. So they run campaigns about poor, handicapped kids. But the tsunami was the rst-ever international catastrophe that occurred in the at philanthropic world. Ethiopia, Bhopal, and Kosovo had all been pre- atness. The at philanthropic world made it possible for eyewitness images of the crisis to be sent within hours into billions of homes around the world through the Internet, cable TV, and rolling news. A simple video taken from a mobile phone was suddenly beamed across the world. And the response was overwhelming. Again, remember that the rst active fundraising asks made by nonpro ts did not hit until the news was at least a day old. And the majority did not reach donors for an additional two or three days. So who was doing the fundraising Initially, no one. People were making spontaneous gifts. Enough people to crash web sites. Unprecedented numbers of people. And then the media became fundraisers. Then companies became fundraisers. Retailers became fundraisers. In fact, more or less anyone became a fundraiser. And we were not prepared for any of it.
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Deboss is just like emboss, except that it removes material instead of adding it. Figure 7.58 demonstrates all these options. The part shown in the images is available on the CD-ROM with the filename 7 Wrap.sldprt. For each of the demonstrated cases, the original flat sketch is shown to give you some idea of how the sketch relates to the finished geometry.
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Figure 8.6. Enhancements such as the Graphic Equalizer let you customize how your media is played.
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Baseband Section
Addition Subtraction Multiplication
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