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In 1965, Kitaev et al.2 prepared CBD CdS using cadmium salt and thiourea, which suggests that hydroxide particles in solution were necessary to grow good-quality lms, with the decomposition of thiourea being stimulated by a solid phase such as cadmium hydroxide. Later, improved CBD chalcogenide thin lms were obtained by using only NH4OH, instead of both NH4OH and NaOH.3 12 The deposition of CBD CdS as a junction layer for solar cell devices has proven to be a very successful industrially acceptable technique. Kessler et al.13 reported on copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) mini-modules (area = 16 cm2) with a conversion ef ciency of 16.6%, wherein CBD CdS was used as a junction layer. Basol et al.14 fabricated 9.3% active-area ef cient thin- lm exible CuInSe2 (CIS) solar cells (speci c power >1 kW/kg) on lightweight, exible metallic, and polymeric (polymide-based) substrates using CBD CdS. The CBD CdS on CIGS or CIS devices produce superior solar cells relative to solar cells made by dry chemical vapor deposition (CVD) or physical vapor deposition (PVD) of CdS. Several groups15 20 put forward plausible reasons for the superior performance, including selective etching or removal of native oxides by ammonia and also that the CBD process does not cause any physical damage, which could occur during CVD or PVD processes. The current state-of-the-art CBD process for CdS consists of cadmium ions, thiourea, and ammonia. The deposition of a uniform CBD CdS thin lm occurs because of a chemical reaction of controlled sulfur and cadmium ions in the alkaline solution. The slow release of sulfur from thiourea via decom2+ position and slow release of Cd2+ ions from Cd ( NH 3 )4 allow the following chemical reactions: Cd ( NH 3 )4 4 NH 3 + Cd 2 +
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Many of you may be familiar with the MMC through the use of the product in the Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack. If you are already familiar with the background and general use of MMC, feel free to skip past these sections to the Windows 2000 specific features and use.
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While encoding is always a comparatively simple process, decoding is the area where problems normally occur. Brute-force implementation of a decoder, where the combined code is viewed as a
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Sending messages to queue s You send messages to a queue using the Send method. The Send constructor is overloaded, having parameters such as Body, Label, and Transaction. To send a message, you will need to create an instance of a queue, and set the Path property, so the Send will know where to go. The following code will accomplish this feat. Dim q As New MessageQueue() q.Path = "jb650\Private$\MyQ" If q.Exists(q.Path) Then q.Send("This is the message", "TestLabel") q.Close() Else MsgBox("The Queue you are writing to does not exist") End If Notice that you use the Exists method to check whether the queue is even there. This is a good idea; do not let the exception occur if a queue is not created or at the location specified. If you drill into the queues in Computer Management, you will see a message with the label "TestLabel". If you double-click the message, or right -click and select Properties, you will be able to see the properties of the message and the message text in hex format. Reading queue messages To read messages from a queue, you will either Peek into a queue or Receive from a queue. The Peek method reads the first message in the queue, all the time. You would peek into a queue to test for the existence of messages and check message properties. Peeking into a queue does not remove the message. If you peek into the same queue multiple times, the same message will always be read unless a new message has been added with a higher priority than the message that was looked at previously. The Receive method will read a message from a queue and remove it from the queue. So once a message is received, it will no longer exist in the queue.
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FIGURE 18-2 An organizational naming structure.
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Performance management
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Perpendicular Tangent Nonblocking Switch A TDM switch matrix supports a number of connections, or completed circuits. A completed circuit supports a single call over a single channel. A call that is active for an hour occupies a circuit for 3600 call seconds, or 36 CCS. Consider a PBX with 200 stations, for example. If all stations are engaged in station-to-station calls at a given moment, there are 100 calls in progress. If this continues for an hour, the switch matrix must support 3600 CCS. A nonblocking switch provides a nonblocked (guaranteed) talk path for every terminal; in other words, there exists a 1 : 1 (one-to-one) relationship between line ports and time slots (Note: Remember that there are two time slots one in each direction for each conversation.) In this scenario, the PBX is functioning as an extreme voice intercom system. The scenario is more legitimate if data communication as well as voice communication (Figure 3.5) is supported through the PBX, as data communication sessions tend to be much longer than voice conversations, which last 3 4 min on average. Notably, however, traditional PBXs are TDM-based circuit switches and, as such, are inherently inef cient for many data communication applications. Just to complicate the scenario a bit, we could provide access to trunks on a nonblocking basis, but this would make the scenario even less realistic. In days of yore, PBXs sometimes were con gured as nonblocking trunk-to-trunk switches by long-distance resellers, but that is a highly unusual application scenario. Blocking Switch A much more realistic scenario involves engineering PBX system capacity to optimize the relationship between cost and availability. Voice-only systems particularly lend themselves to optimization, as the characteristics of voice traf c are well understood:
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