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1. Click the New button from the Standard toolbar or choose File New. From the New SolidWorks Document window, select the Drawing template. The template contains all the document-specific settings. 2. After selecting the drawing template, the Sheet Format/Size dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 4.22. Select the D-Landscape sheet size, as well as the format that automatically associates with that sheet size, and click OK. If the Model View PropertyManager appears, click the red X icon to exit. 3. Before creating any views on the drawing, set up some fields in the format to be filled out automatically when you bring the part into the drawing. Right-click anywhere on the drawing sheet (on the paper), and select Edit Sheet Format.
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If you create a new plan, do the following: 1. Click the Create a power plan link in the Power Options window. 2. Select the preferred power plan closest to your ideal plan. 3. Enter a name for your new plan. Click Next. 4. Change settings for when to turn off the display and when to put the computer to sleep. 5. Click Create. The Power Options page displays your power plan in place of the power plan that you selected to modify. The original plan that you
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1 Exploring the Sony Alpha A700
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Figure 5.3.7 Typical thermoelectrically cooled, small size semiconductor detectors for portable EDXRF analysis. (a) A Si-PIN detector by Amptek, (b) a Si-drift from Roentec (X- Flash 1000), (c) a CZT from eV and (d) a HgI2 from Constellation Tech. (Published with permission)
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The PlaceHolder control is very similar to the Panel control in that it allows you to use this control as a wrapper for other controls. Within the code of the document, the PlaceHolder control is written as <asp:placeholder>. However, unlike the Panel control, the PlaceHolder control doesn't allow the developer to apply any inheritable styles to the controls contained within the control. An example of the PlaceHolder control appears in the following code: <asp:PlaceHolder id="PlaceHolder1" runat="server"/> Intrinsic controls Now you are getting to some fun controls that Microsoft developed to make the lives of developers easier. Intrinsic controls are controls that add specific functionality that in the past, when using traditional ASP, took quite a bit of programming or the use of COM components to work. In the following sections, you find descriptions of both the <asp:calendar> and the <asp:adrotator> controls.
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