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16.7 Blind Equalizers 16.7.1 Introduction
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1 Plug a microphone into your
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USE OBXKites; SET SET SET SET SET SET SET GO CREATE VIEW vContactOrder WITH SCHEMABINDING AS SELECT c.ContactID, o.OrderID FROM dbo.Contact as c JOIN dbo.[Order] as o ON c.ContactID = o.ContactID; GO CREATE UNIQUE CLUSTERED INDEX ivContactOrder ON vContactOrder (ContactID, OrderID); ANSI_Nulls ON; ANSI_Padding ON; ANSI_Warnings ON; ArithAbort ON; Concat_Null_Yields_Null ON; Quoted_Identifier ON; Numeric_RoundAbort OFF;
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12.10.2 Short-circuited Current Gain CG and Frequency Response of a CG Device Figure 12.46 is drawn for the calculation of the short-circuited current gain and frequency response of a MOSFET transistor with a CG con guration. It is similar to Figure 12.14, which shows a bipolar transistor with a CB con guration. Therefore, its short-circuited current gain and frequency response can be translated from equation (12.143), as
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Edit the .40-inch dimension. Double-click it and use the scroll arrow to increase the dimension; watch the effect on the sketch. If a sketch reacts to changes properly, then it cannot be used with the Vary Sketch option. In this case, the .40-inch dimension is used as the direction. The direction dimension has to be able to drive the sketch in the same way that this one does. These dimensions cannot pass through the Zero value and cannot flip directions or move into negative values. To make the sketch react this way to changes in the dimension, the slot was created using the bi-directional offset that was demonstrated in an earlier chapter, which means that the whole operation is being driven by the construction lines and arcs at the centerline of the slot. Sketch points along the model edges are kept at a certain distance from the ends of the slots using the .50-inch dimensions. The arcs are controlled by an Equal Radius relation and a single .58-inch radius dimension. The straight lines at the ends of the slots are controlled by an Equal Length relation. This type of dimensioning and relation creation is really what parametric design is all about. The Vary Sketch option takes what is otherwise a static linear pattern and makes it react parametrically in a way that would otherwise require a lot of setup to create individual features. If you model everything with the level of care that you need to put into a Vary Sketch pattern feature sketch, then your models will react very well to change.
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The SQL Native Client connectivity is managed through the same Server Configuration Manager. SNAC installations will initially default the network protocols to enabling Shared Memory, TCP/IP, and Named Pipes, as shown in Figure 5-2. If SNAC access is not needed or supported by your organization, disabling the appropriate network protocols will reduce your security risks (surface area).
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MSN is now powered by Microsoft Live, and although you can go to the MSN.com web page and still access MSN search capabilities, the underlying technology has been rebranded as Microsoft Live. But it s still one of the top three search engines, and it s definitely not one that you should ignore. Studies have shown that searchers who enter your site from MSN searches may be fewer in number than those from other search engines, but they routinely have higher conversion rates. As with other search engines, the basic optimization techniques that you ve learned are the best way to get listed with MSN search. MSN also does not allow paid ranking, so your organic efforts will be the deciding factor for your rankings. The one difference with MSN is that this search engine puts more emphasis on the freshness of content than other search engines. Specifically, sites that update high-quality, relative content on a regular basis have a better chance of ranking high with MSN. So if you have not yet implemented a content strategy, and if you want to rank well with MSN, you should plan and implement that strategy. MSN, like Google, indexes pages according to a proprietary algorithm. And like Google, MSN (or more accurately, Microsoft Live) has a set of guidelines that you should follow if you would like your site to rank well. Those guidelines can be found by going to MSN or Microsoft Live and using the search string: Site Owner Help. The guidelines that you re seeking should return as the top search result. MSN also looks at your meta description tags, and the title tags on your pages. So pay close attention to creating the most useful and relevant tags you can. Also include keywords and important information as near the top of each of your pages as possible. Over time it s certain that the MSN brand will be folded into and eventually replaced by Microsoft Live Search. Branding is likely to be the only thing that changes when this happens. MSN had long used Microsoft technology (MSN, after all, does stand for Microsoft Network). This means that your SEO efforts will remain viable even as the MSN/Microsoft Live rebranding takes place.
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Circuit-switched networks are not a cost-effective medium for data communication. Such networks are based on 64-kb/s channels, each having a preassigned temporal position a time slot on a transmission link (time-division multiplexing TDM, Section 1.5). Channels are connected into a dedicated path between sender and receiver for the duration of the communication process, regardless of the availability of data to send. When such networks are used for data, valuable transmission capacity goes unused between bursts of data (e.g., during web browsing), during one-way data ows, or when the bit rate of the source is lower than the bit rate of the data link. In packet networks, on the other hand, data ows are not assigned to xed time slots. When a host has some data to send, it segments it into relatively small pieces and forms them into packets by adding a header with addressing and sequencing information. That allows a packet to be routed independently, regardless of its position on a transmission link, and the original data to be reassembled by the recipient. A host sends a packet only when data is available, making transmission resources available to other hosts when it has nothing to send. As a result, packet networks have much higher bandwidth ef ciency than circuit-switched networks, in spite of header overhead. However, because packets from a user are not assigned xed temporal positions on links, they must be queued at each intermediate node, waiting for their turn to be transmitted along with packets from other users (statistical multiplexing). In summary, the trade-offs for bandwidth ef ciency are unpredictable latency (delay), due to queuing at each node, and possible out-of-sequence delivery because of independent routing. Since the trade-offs are acceptable for data applications, modern data networks are all packet networks. The same trade-offs, however, for many years prevented the use of packet networks for voice communication. But recent technological progress has allowed the obstacles to be overcome as discussed in Section 20.3. Packets are relatively small units (a typical size is about 1500 bytes), so a large piece of data must be segmented and sent as multiple packets. The reason for the size limitation is that larger pieces of data could hog a data link, causing unacceptable delays to smaller units queued behind them. Furthermore, if even a small portion of a
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9.2.3 Additional Power Loss The power re ection at the load looks like the power delivered from the source to the load after experiencing an additional power loss. If there is no power re ection at the load, that is,
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Deleting or destroying an application is just as easy as creating it was. Within the Solution Explorer window in Visual Studio .NET, right-click on the application and select Remove. This removes the application from the server and deletes all the files.
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I am more of an on-site optimizer. I find some off-site linking to be dubious. I think the winds may be changing, causing highly linked sites not to be as relevant unless the links are truly relevant. I provide suggestions to my clients on how to get effective links and provide them with linking code to give to their peers and customers. I do employ someone that does linking since it still works, even though I don t fully agree with pursuing linking strategies. Just create a relevant and compelling site. Make me want to be there and everything else will work out. Jerri: What should web-site owners be focusing on for future improvements Harris: From an SEO standpoint [web site owners should] become thought leaders in their space, using blogs, writing articles, and posting on the Web. [You should also] create a Web 2.0 stickiness to your site. Give people a reason for being there and wanting to come back. This in itself is not an SEO play, but by having strong content that is frequently updated and extended, you give the robot spiders plenty of reason to want to come back time and again. Jerri: Are there any strategies that organizations might know about but are not implementing that might help with SEO results if they did Harris: I have been trying to figure this out, [looking for] some technology that enhances SEO beyond what we all know already. Unfortunately, some of these [technologies] tend to come back as black hat, which I am not a party to. The only black hat area I think should be carefully allowed is creating a clone for heavily flashed sites. But that is a tough one to call. The key is Web 2.0 social integration, updated, frequent, and relevant content, and thought leadership. This all goes back to Google s principles on relevancy! Make it relevant and they will come . . . and come again. Jerri: What do you consider a strong, viable web site and how does that impact SEO Harris: Well, I am such a content purist sometimes I believe that one should have a brief but good strong content strategy that tells me who you are, what makes you great or special, why should I be here, and how do I learn more (which falls under permission marketing). I can live without a lot of Flash and images. But I always lose that argument and concede the need for aesthetics. Seriously, a good balance of content and attractiveness will rule the SEO day. Too much Flash and gee-whiz does not help conversions nor relevancy except in some unique cases. A well-designed, well-written web site will do well from all perspectives. Jerri: What changes in SEO are coming as the result of the growth of social media Harris: There are some tough decisions coming here. The power of Adobe Flex and Ajax is making web sites much better usability-wise more like an application than a web site but this is causing tracking people to freak out (pageviews are pass in this genre), and of course these are not very
broWSing and buying in The markeTPlace Adaptation Ontology library systems should facilitate the task of extending and updating ontologies. They should provide user-friendly environments for searching, editing and reasoning ontologies. Important aspects include support in nding and modifying existing ontologies.
8.9. DWT-Based Image Compression
WinBubble does a lot more than just help you change the branding. In fact, this handy utility is, we believe, the tweaking tool that s closest in spirit and functionality to Microsoft s long-admired TweakUI. Microsoft never made a version of TweakUI for Windows Vista or Windows 7 for some reason, but it doesn t matter: WinBubble fills that gap quite nicely.
The Annotations page enables you to set options that are common to all annotation types. Figure B.54 shows the Annotations page of the Document Properties. Many of these options are reused for other items under the Drafting Standard heading. n Text: This enables you to set the font and size for all annotations text. Notice that dimensions text settings are separate from the annotations text settings. n Attachments: This enables you to set the type of arrow head to be used when an annotation is attached to various types of entities. n Bent Leaders: Enables you to tell the software that all new annotations will or will not employ bent leaders by default, and what length those leaders will be. n Zeroes settings: The Standard option means that the use of leading or trailing zeroes is to be determined by the drafting standard employed. The Smart option means that for metric dimensions, trailing zeroes are always removed for whole values (5.00 becomes 5), and shown for non-zero decimals (5.50 remains 5.50).
a range 0 through 15, limiting the number of MTP users to 16. SCCP expands the addressing capability of SS7, allowing up to 127 subsystems at a signaling point. In the second place, SCCP also allows a calling subsystem to address a called subsystem by a global title (GT). This is a functional address, in the form of a digit string, that cannot be used for message routing. The purpose of GTs is discussed in Section 15.3. SCCP includes provisions to translate a global title into an address that can be used to route a message to its destination subsystem.
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