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1. Click the Note toolbar button on the Annotations toolbar. 2. Click in the graphics window where you want to create the note or click an entity that you want the note leader to point to, and then click where you want the note. 3. Type the note. Press Enter at the end of a line, or, if you intend to force the note to wrap, just allow the line of text to be as long as it wants to be. While you create the note, the text box expands to the right until you press Enter, and it expands down every time a line is added.
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Interrupting and Restarting the Download
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Display: for controlling how to display the video:
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Extrude feature options
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was typical in those days, the operators were young boys, most of them experienced as messengers and telegraph clerks. The boys soon proved too boisterous and unreliable and were replaced with women [7]. Step-by-Step Switches Step-by-Step (S S) switches are electromechanical in nature. Almon B. Strowger, a Kansas City undertaker frustrated with the behavior of the local telephone company operator, invented and patented the rst such switch in 1891. According to legend, the operator was directing Mr. Strowger s calls to a competing undertaker, who also happened to be the operator s husband. Building on earlier Bell system work, Strowger invented a system that served 99 subscribers. The telephones that worked with that rst automatic switch had two buttons. In order to reach subscriber 99, for example, the caller slowly and deliberately pressed the rst button nine times and then the second button nine times. As the caller pressed a button, it would complete an electrical circuit, and as the caller released the button, it would break the circuit. Making and breaking the circuit would cause a mechanical rotary wiper on the switch to rotate from one contact to another. That patent served as the foundation for the company he founded, Automatic Electric Company, which later became the manufacturing subsidiary of General Telephone and Electric (GTE), which is now part of Verizon [7]. More contemporary S S switches consist of a large number of line nders to which groups of individual subscribers are assigned for dial tone. The transmitting party dials a series of numbers, perhaps with a rotary dial telephone terminal, which causes the making and breaking of an electrical circuit. As displayed in Figure 1.16, those electrical pulses cause successive mechanical line selectors to step across contacts (one contact per electrical dial pulse) to set up the conversation path as the complete number is dialed [8]. Note: A touchtone telephone also can be used if a tone converter is installed on the line at the central of ce termination. The S S switches quickly gained favor, as they largely eliminated human operators, who were expensive and prone to make errors. So many were installed and proved so durable that as late as 1986 approximately 38 percent of all U.S. circuit switches were based on S S. As they clearly are slow, expensive, large, maintenance intensive, and capacity limited [3], S S switches are rarely found in the networks of developed countries. Large numbers of S S switches do remain in service, however, mostly in developing countries.
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There are a lot of places in a web application that call for code reuse. Your template files are just the beginning, specifying a header and footer. But inside your code, you ll often have places where single chunks of code could be used all over the place; think of a login form or a piece of navigation that appears on pages within a subsection. Rails has a philosophy: Don t repeat yourself. That applies in all elements of your code. But partials are a way to avoid repetition for your views.
Fig. 6.41
(e) Figure 4.5 (Continued)
1. Create a new subassembly within the existing assembly using the parts BibleBikeFrame and ChainstayBibleBike. Name this new assembly FrameAssembly.SLDASM. 2. Reorder the new FrameAssembly to the top of the design tree. 3. Reorder the other parts and assemblies so that the bigger assemblies appear higher on the list, and the parts appear at the bottom. (Remember that the Alt-drag option to prevent a component from being placed into a subassembly.) 4. Drag the part called BB (for Bottom Bracket) into the FrameAssembly (drag without using the Alt key). The assembly FeatureManager at this point is shown in Figure 12.16.
An example of a competitive system to NURBS surface modeling is point mesh data. This comes from systems such as 3DSMax, which create a set of points that are joined together in triangular facets, and can be represented in SolidWorks as an STL (stereolithography) file. When displayed in SolidWorks, this data looks very facetted or tessellated into small, flat triangles, but when viewed in software that is meant to work with these kinds of meshes, it looks smooth. Many advantages come with this type of data, especially when it comes to applying colors and motion. However, the main disadvantage is that the geometrical accuracy is not very good, and most of all, the data is not parametric, feature-based data that lends itself to changes in the definitions of features. Point mesh data is typically used by 3D graphic artists, animators, and game developers. By using a SolidWorks extension such as ScanTo3D, it is possible to take point mesh data and create a NURBS mesh over it. This feature is not completely automatic, but it offers capabilities where none previously existed. ScanTo3D is beyond the scope of this book, but you should find it useful if you are interested enough to read about NURBS and point meshes.
Figure 22.5-2. AAL Parameters information element. (From Rec. Q.2931. Reproduced with the kind permission of ITU.)
Con guring Windows Firewall
14: Networking
Though they often are, tables don t have to be ugly. I don t know who came up with the default HTML raised-borders table look, but I always thought it looked cheesy. When I stumble across a site that uses it today, I feel like I m back in the mid-90s. Unfortunately, many people building Web pages accept the default table look shown here in all its glory in the neighboring column as a fact of life. Here s a makeover to change all that.
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