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You will most likely see a message in the Parental Controls control panel stating that web filtering and activity reporting are not available on this computer, as shown in Figure 8-13. In Windows Vista, these features were part of the built-in Parental Controls functionality. But in Windows 7, these features are now part of Windows Live Family Safety, which you must install and configure separately. We look at Family Safety and these features later in this chapter.
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You may not be able to use your favorite ISP when connecting via cable modem.
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The monitor can be con gured using the toolbar or the Shortcut menu. The Shortcut menu is loaded by right-clicking in the blank graph area and selecting the appropriate option. The toolbar is available by default. Using the toolbar, you can con gure the type of display to view by clicking the View Chart, View Histogram, or View Report buttons. In other words, the same information can be viewed in chart, histogram, or report format. read barcode 128
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Part II
Inside Scoop
(RDF) Model and Syntax Speci cation. Lau, T. and Sure, Y. (2002) Introducing ontology-based skills management at a large insurance company. In Proceedings of the Modellierung 2002, March, Tutzing, Germany. LeBourgeois, F. and Soua -Bensa , S. (1999) RASADE: Automatic recognition of structured document using typography and spatial inference. In Proceedings of the Document Layout Interpretation and its Applications (DLIA99) Workshop, Bangalore, India. Lebowitz, M. (1983): Memory-based parsing. Arti cial Intelligence, 21. Lee, D. and Chu, W. (2001) CPI: constraint-preserving inlining algorithm for mapping XML DTD to relational schema, Data and Knowledge Engineering, 39: 3 25. Lerner, B.S. (2000) A model for compound type changes encountered in schema evolution. ACM Transactions on Database Systems, 25(1): 83 127. Liao, M., Hinkelmann, K., Abecker, A. and Sintek, M. (1999) A competence knowledge base system for the organisational memory. In Puppe, F. (ed.), XPS-99: Knowledge-Based Systems, LNAI 1570, pp. 125 137. Lopez, F. (1999) Overview of methodologies for building ontologies. In Proceedings of the IJCAI-99 Workshop on Ontologies and Problem-SolvingMethods: Lessons Learned and Future Trends. CEUR Publications. Lopez, M.F., Gomez-Perez, A., Sierra, J.P. and Sierra, A.P. (1999) Building a chemical ontology using methontology and the ontology design environment. Intelligent Systems, 14(1). Madche, A. and Staab, S. (2000) Discovering conceptual relations from text. In Proceedings of the 14th European Conference on Arti cial Intelligence (ECAI 2000), Berlin: IOS Press. Madche, A. and Staab, S. (2001) Ontology learning for the semantic web. IEEE Intelligent Systems, 16(2): 72 79. Madche, A., Neumann, G. and Staab, S. (1999) A generic architectural framework for text knowledge acquisition. Technical Report, Institute AIFB. Madche, A., Nack, F., Santini, S., Staab, S. and Steels, L. (2000) Emergent semantics. IEEE Intelligent Systems, Trends and Controversies, 17(2), 2002. Madche, A., Staab, S., Studer, R., Sure, Y. and Volz, R. (2002) SEAL Tying up information integration and web site management by ontologies. IEEE-CS Data Engineering Bulletin (Special Issue on Organizing and Discovering the Semantic Web), March, in press. Manber, U., Smith, M. and Gopal, B. (1997) WebGlimpse Combining Searching and Browsing. Usenix 97 Technical Conference. Marchionini, G. (1995) Information seeking in electronic environments. Cambridge Series on Human-Computer Interaction. Cambridge University Press. Mattox, D., Maybury, M. and Morey, D. (1999) Enterprise expert and knowledge discovery. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Human Computer Interaction, pp. 303 307. Maurer, H. and Sapper, M. (2001) E-Learning has to be seen as part of general knowledge management. In Proceedings of ED-MEDIA 2001 World Conference on
Figure 15-23: New to Windows 7 is program information that appears over a playing video.
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In the center-of-mass reference, this resembles ionized impurity scattering, and we get
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