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Figure 13-4 shows a partial list of the public members. The first member, Close, will close the current reader and the underlying stream. Where does the underlying stream come from When you declare a new instance of the BinaryReader class, you will notice that it is expecting a parameter of the type System.IO.Stream. Figure 13-5 shows the pop-up help when you declare the new instance of the BinaryReader.
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6 deals exclusively with JumpStart, so we will say no more about it here.
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Although creating and configuring a full-text search catalog with code is relatively easy, the task is usually done once and then forgotten. Unless the repeatability of a script is important for redeploying the project, the Full-Text Wizard is sufficient for configuring full-text search. The wizard may be launched from within Management Studio s Object Explorer. With a table selected, use the context menu and select Full-Text Index Define Full-Text Index. The Full-Text Indexing Wizard works through multiple steps to configure the full-text catalog, as follows: 1. A catalog must belong to a single database. 2. Select the table to add to the catalog. 3. Specify a unique index that MS Full Text Search Engine can use to identify the rows indexed with MS Search. The primary key is typically the best choice for this index; however, any non-nullable, unique, single-column index is sufficient. If the table uses composite primary keys, another unique index must be created to use full-text search. 4. Choose the columns to be full-text indexed, as shown in Figure 13-1. Valid column data types are character data types (char, nchar, varchar, nvarchar, text, ntext, and xml) and image. (Indexing binary images is an advanced topic covered later in this chapter.) You may need to specify the language used for parsing the words, although the computer default will likely handle this automatically. Full-text search can also read documents stored in image columns. Using full-text search with embedded blobs (binary large objects) is covered later in this chapter.
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If you re as excited by Windows Phone as I am, you re going to want to spend a bit of time preparing for your new phone before you rush out to the store and spend your money. There are two key things to do before buying a phone. First, you should establish a Windows Live ID and connect it with all of the online services to which you belong, providing a central hub for your connections and relationships. Then, you should understand which Windows Phone hardware features are required and optional, allowing you to make a more educated buying decision. With these tasks out of the way, you re ready to head out to your local wireless carrier store or electronics retailer and purchase your new Windows Phone. The next chapter explains how to best configure this phone when you first take it out of the box.
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Merging data is the heart of SQL, and it shows in the depth of relational algebra as well as the power and flexibility of SQL. From natural joins to correlated subqueries, SQL is excellent at selecting sets of data from multiple data tables. The challenge for the SQL Server database developer is to master the theory of relational algebra and the many T-SQL techniques to effectively manipulate the data. The reward is the fun. Regardless of the introduction of .NET and the CLR, manipulating data with select is still the core technology of SQL Server. While joins are the most natural method of working with relational data, subqueries open numerous possibilities for creative and powerful way to retrieve data from multiple data sources. The next chapter details the many ways subqueries can be used within a query, and introduces common table expressions (CTEs), a new feature to SQL Server.
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Part I
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53 Scaling Very Large Databases
2. How do you activate the Phishing filter The Long March Figure 14.4 shows a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) test for an 800 MHz transceiver, in which the transceiver IC die has been packaged with 20 pins and soldered onto the PCB. The purpose of this test setup is to check the receiver sensitivity, since the IC die is bought from an outside company. The input is connected to a generator that provides a small modulated signal so as to simulate a received signal from the antenna. The output is connected to an audio distortion meter so that the sensitivity of the receiver can be measured by 12 dB SINAD or 20 dB Quiet. For simplicity, only the parts and runners related to grounding are shown in Figure 14.4. The tested sensitivity is found to be much lower than what the manufacturer speci ed. The problem is due to an inappropriate PCB layout. One can see its extremely poor RF/AC grounding as shown in Figure 14.4. Let s take a look at how awed the RF/AC grounding of the input SMA connector is. Step by step, the ground port of the input SMA connector is eventually connected to the reference ground point of the DC power supply, GND, through a Long March of sorts, that is,
Part III
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The Local Management Interface (LMI) protocol provides operational support for the UNI. Originally de ned by the Frame Relay Forum in 1990, it subsequently was adopted by ANSI and the ITU-T. The LMI is a polling protocol between the FRAD and the network, which periodically veri es the existence and availability of the PVC as well as the integrity of the UNI link. 10.1.8 Congestion Management
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Since this probe has resistive input impedance, the impulse response is enhanced (essentially no overshoot or ringing) over a probe with capacitive input impedance. This is especially true when the capacitive reactance of any probe is comparable to the inductive reactance of the measurement loop (including the probe tip, ground lead, and paths in the circuit being measured) at frequencies of interest. This condition is met in many common measurement situations. Theory of Operation. The probe is a voltage divider comprised of a 976- tip resistor and a 25- load (the 50 termination in parallel with the 50 characteristic impedance of the coaxial cable). At 1 GHz, the parasitic capacitance of the resistors causes the divider to become an RC voltage divider, as shown in Figure A.10. Here, R1C1 is the 976- tip resistor with its parasitic capacitance while R2C2 is comprised of the 25- load and the parasitic capacitance of the 200- resistors.
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