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FIGURE 20.14 The finished imported format
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Figure 18.13 shows the basic parameters applied in the sensitivity testing of a receiver. 2 There is an equivalent noise source ent and a signal source Ei in Figure 18.13. The input equivalent noise source is the thermal noise of the resistor Ri. Referring to Appendix 18.A.4, the average square root of its voltage is
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Applying the shift and modulation principle of the Fourier transform we find the correspondence
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Part VII: Working with Specialized Functionality
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The purpose of the second cable is just to extend the rst cable to the third cable. In the testing of equipotentiality, the third cable, not the rst and second cables, is actually connected in the test setup. The third cable has a length equal to the sum of the rst and second cables length. It is the actual cable applied to testing as shown in Figure 15.10. One end is connected to the network analyzer and the other is connected with a probe. It intermediate point C is soldered to the reference ground point at the DC power supply terminal. The length between point C and the end connected to the network analyzer must be equal to the length of the rst cable. Owing to the fact that point C has been calibrated and that the length between point C and the probe is a multiple of the half wavelength, the potential that the probe senses is equal to the potential at point C. After calibration is complete and the third cable is xed as shown in Figure 15.10, testing can begin. By moving the probe around on the PCB, the S11 or S22 at different points on the PCB can be compared. Should the ground surface and ground points on PCB be equipotential, the readings of S11 or S22 should remain unchanged as the probe moves around the PCB. On the other hand, if the readings of S11 or S22 uctuate when the probe moves from point A to point B, it is an indication that that the ground point A is not equipotential with point B. The more the variation of the readings, the more unequipotentiality exists. It should be noted that the testing is sensitive to the human body when the third cable is held by hand. It is suggested that a protective isolation glove be put on the cable where it is held by hand; it is even better to have a static protective metal ring put on the wrist or arm of the tester. This testing scheme has been developed by the author in recent years. It is only tentative and not yet satisfactory, because it is qualitative, not quantitative. 15.2 15.2.1 FORWARD AND RETURN CURRENT COUPLING Indifferent Assumption and the Great Ignore
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where (2Nr 1)!! = 1 3 5 . . . (2Nr 1). For binary FSK with MRC: SER = 1 1 2 2 b0 Im{ XY } 1 (Re{ XY })2
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The number of revisions kept in the Revision Table is no longer an option as it was in previous releases, but in its place you can now control how revision tables interact with multiple sheets. For more information, see Appendix B.
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which is a random variable following the distribution function of D=1 | j |2 in which j D 2 | j |2 is distributed exponentially. If we assume that the average of j =1 | j | is normalized to 1, the average SNR per bit is then given by b = Eb N0
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Organizing Your Video Files
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Put another way, Windows Photo Viewer is designed for working with single images only, whereas Windows Live Photo Gallery is aimed at managing your entire collection, or library, of digital images. While we will examine Windows Live Photo Gallery in much more detail later in the chapter, Figure 12-11 shows what the application looks like when viewing an individual photo.
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