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First, just delete the unwanted mail. To do so efficiently, tap the Select button in the Application Bar; it resembles a list of checked items and is the third of the four available buttons. This changes the view a bit, adding a selection Thisnext to each addingbit, available buttons. box changes the view a a selection e-mail message header, as shown in Figure 10-7., as shown in Figure 10-7. headere-mail message header , 10-7.
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TABLE 10.2-1 Control Fields Control Field (bits) Group
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Log shipping can be configured by using one of two methods: either by using Management Studio or by using system stored procedures. With either method of configuration, disk space will need to be created and shared. Both the primary and all the secondary servers need to be able to read and write into that directory share. The following steps create a log shipping configuration using SQL Server Management Studio: 1. In the Object Explorer on the primary server in SQL Server Management Studio, rightclick on the database that will be log shipping and look at the database properties. 2. On the Transaction Log Shipping page, check the box that Enables transaction log shipping. 3. Configure the backup settings by clicking the Backup Setting button. Enter either the network share or the local directory that is shared. This is the location where transaction logs are stored before being copied to the secondary server.
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Robust Statistics, Second Edition. By Peter J. Huber Copyright @ 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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Part III
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(a) Bipolar device Approximation: rb 0 Ccs 0 ro Cp 0 rc 0 Cm 0
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of Visual Studio. With features such as spell checking, Auto-complete, word and statement completion, and Auto-list members, the code editor assists you in every facet of your coding.
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You may have noticed that Media Center has a top-level Pictures + Videos entry as well as one for Movies. So what s the difference between Videos and Movies In Media Center, there are videos and then there are movies. Movies are videos that represent full-length feature films. Presumably, you will have acquired these movies from legitimate e-tailers like Amazon On Demand. Or perhaps you ve ripped your own DVDs to disk using the techniques revealed in 13. Either way, you can collect these videos sorry, movies together under the Movies umbrella in Windows 7. So what about videos If you think for a moment about non-movie videos, you ll realize that lumping them in with photos in Pictures + Videos actually makes some sense. That s because most of the non-movie videos in your collection will be short home movies, perhaps those that were taken with your digital camera. To ensure that movies and videos appear in the right place in Media Center, store them in separate locations and then use the system s Manage Library functionality to add libraries appropriately. In the Movies section of Media Center, for example, you can right-click (or tap the Info button on your remote) and choose Manage Library from the pop-up menu that appears.
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Part I: SolidWorks Basics
Part VI
Part III Developing with SQL Server
Figure 10.2 Constant return loss S11,dB or S22,dB circles on the Smith chart.
2 Click the Home tab. 3 Click the Copy button ( ). 4 Open another presentation or
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