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6. Hide the solid body. You can do this from the Solid Bodies folder, from the FeatureManager, or from the graphics window. 7. Hiding the solid leaves the offset surface, and there should be three holes in the surface. Select one of the edges of the hole indicated in Figure 26.26 and press the Delete key. The Choose Option dialog box appears. Select the Delete Hole option rather than the Delete Feature option. The Delete Hole operation becomes a history-based feature in the model tree.
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When you click the Windows orb, you can see the Instant Search box at the bottom of the menu. You can insert just about anything, including a part of a filename or a property, and click the Search icon. To make things easier, you can even add keywords to file properties for future recall. In many ways, the Instant Search box makes up for the now defunct Run features. We ve also seen this feature referred to as the Live Search. You can also use this search in the Control Panel to quickly locate what you re looking for. Windows Vista also features a new tool called Search Folders. The name is a little confusing because you don t use this feature to search file folders; you use it to save search criteria for later use. Using the Search Folders tool, you can go back and perform another search using previously defined criteria. Windows Vista features a number of preloaded saved searches. By clicking them, you receive virtually instantaneous results.
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lmost all those household makeovers you see on TV are within the realm of the possible, given a little know-how and the right tools. Web Design Before & After Makeovers is going to help equip you with the information you need to successfully make over your Web site. But you ll want to be sure to gather the right tools for the job before you start. In this chapter, you explore the essential software tools that you need for getting the most from your makeovers. These tools help you design, lay out, and manage your Web site, create textual and graphical content to place on it, and test and debug your pages. While many quality software applications can handle these sorts of jobs, here are my recommendations as you assemble tools for your Web makeover toolbox. These are the tools I swear by for all of my Web design work.
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where E, is the dielectric constant of the semiconductor, the subscript p in the electron density (np) and hole density 'pp) refers to the respective quantity in a p-type semiconductor, Na is the ionized acceptor-dopant density, and ND+ is the ionized donor-dopant density.
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2. Look for the forwarders section in the named.conf.options file, and change it to look like this:
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To access backed-up files from a specific date, choose the date from the list at the top and then click Open. If the backup contains files backed up from two or more drives or partitions, you ll be prompted to pick one. Then, Windows Home Server will open the backup a process that can take a few minutes depending on the size of the backup and provide a standard Explorer window, like that shown in Figure 10-17.
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tary would throw my mailing in the garbage. But I went along with the list broker and to my surprise, those lists he suggested turned out to be the best ones, while the others really pulled poorly. I can point to hundreds of assumed constraint examples that I personally experienced. Here are ve of them: 1. You can t sell your airplane for over $190,000. I sold it for $240,000 in 10 days. 2. You can t sell a $600 pinball game through the mail. We sold more than 3,000 of them. 3. Consumers will rip you off if you let them buy using their credit cards over a toll-free line without having them sign anything. We launched toll-free order taking in the United States and were very successful with very few problems before everybody else caught on. 4. This calculator isn t selling at all at retail. It s the biggest bomb in calculator history. How are you going to sell it via mail order We sold over 30,000 of them at $59.95. 5. Who would buy sunglasses through the mail People need to try them on rst, and besides, people buy different styles. We sold more than 10 million pairs of the same style. Or how about the following three business examples of other historical assumed constraints: 1. There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home. This was said by Ken Olsen, president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corporation, in 1977. 2. Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons. This was quoted by Popular Mechanics magazine forecasting the relentless march of science in 1949. 3. The concept is interesting and well-formed, but in order to earn better than a C, the idea must be feasible. This was said by a Yale University management professor in response to Fred Smith s paper proposing reliable overnight delivery service. Smith then went on to found FedEx. If you d like to read more examples of assumed constraints, look in Appendix A, which lists other historical quotes.
6. If you want to install Windows Vista on a drive partition, which steps should you take to prepare
Vista provides a number of appealing, preselected colors for you to choose from. If you want, you can click Show Color Mixer to display a full palette of colors for complete control over the color of your windows (Figure 8.11). The color mixer features three sliders: one for hue, one for saturation, and one for brightness. With them, you can create any color you want within the scope of your desktop s color depth.
SolidWorks is an extremely powerful modeling tool, very likely with the best combination of power and accessibility on the MCAD market today. This book is meant to help you take advantage of its power in your work and even hobbyist applications. If I could impart only a single thought to all readers of this book, it would be that with a little curiosity and some imagination, you can begin to access the power of SolidWorks for geometry creation and virtual product prototyping. You should start with the assumption that there is a way to do what you are imagining, and that you should be open to using different techniques. Whoever you are, I hope that you find insight deeper than simply what does this button do in this book. I hope that you will find an intuition for thinking like the software. Jeff Ray, CEO of the SolidWorks Corporation, has said that the goal is to make the software as intuitive as a light switch. While most people will agree that they have some work left to achieve that particular goal, I believe that approaching the interface intuitively, rather than attempting to remember it all by rote, is the best method. Good luck to you all.
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