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Automating Drawings: The Basics
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Part VI: Using Advanced Techniques
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If you do not have a file at hand, open Notepad and type some text into it.
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You can adjust the color of your pictures to make them pleasing to the eye, or recolor them for interesting effects. Standard color variations are determined by the theme of the presentation, but many other variations are available also.
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1. What service classes are de ned in UMTS For what purposes are they used, and how does that affect admissible BERs and delays 2. Two operators are building up systems in two adjacent 5-MHz bands. Let an MS in operator A s system be at the cell boundary, operating at 3 dB above sensitivity level. What is the minimum required path loss from the BS of operator B in order to still function Assume that all antennas have omniradiation patterns. 3. Compare the way pilot signals are transmitted in WCDMA/UMTS to the method of IS-95. 4. What is the maximum data rate in an UMTS uplink How is that achieved 5. How often is feedback information transmitted Assuming radiation incident only in the horizontal plane, and a uniformly distributed azimuthal power spectrum, what is the maximum velocity admissible so that envelope correlation between channel-state observation and its use is higher than 0.9 How does this result change when radiation is incident isotropically (both in azimuth and elevation) 6. Explain how data channels and control channels are multiplexed in the uplink and downlink of UMTS. Why are different methods used 7. Describe the role of channelization codes and scrambling codes in UMTS. Which types of codes are being used 8. Establish the link budget for the uplink of a 12.2 kbit/s data rate channel in a vehicular (fastmoving) environment, with soft handover. Compute the results assuming the following values: antenna gain at BS and MS is 18 and 3 dB, respectively, and extra loss through the car is
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Internet Applications
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Typical Radiated Emissions Spreadsheet Cable Factor (dB) 0.2 0.2 0.6 0.8 1.0 1.2 1.2 Corrected Amplitude (dB V/m) 34.60 32.50 26.3 28.2 27.5 37.7 30.8 EN 55022 Class B QP Limit Margin (dB V/m) (dB V/m) Polaritya 30 30 30 30 30 37 37 +4.6 fail +2.5 fail 3.7 1.8 2.5 +0.7 fail 6.2 V H H H V H V
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Navigating in space
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that is (1.49)
electrodes (strips), comparable with the range of scattered photons. Results of such simulations are presented elsewhere (D browski et al., 2000). The a simulation was performed for a 300 m thick silicon detector with a surface dead layer of 2 m for three values of X-ray energy (8 keV, 17 keV and 22 keV). For each photon entering the detector material perpendicularly to the surface the spatial distribution of the energy deposited in silicon was calculated using the EGS4 package (Bielajew et al., 1994). Then this distribution was projected on a line perpendicular to the strips. In such a way we could estimate the effect of scattering on the spatial resolution of a 1-D strip detector. Neglecting for the moment other effects associated with charge transport, diffusion and detector segmentation, the position at which the energy is deposited corresponds to the position reconstructed. The distributions of energy deposition for photons of 8 keV, 17 keV and 22 keV, entering a silicon detector perpendicularly to its surface, are shown in Figure 4.5.6. The nonGaussian tails due to Compton scattering extend approximately up to 150 m, 800 m and 1000 m for 8 keV, 17 keV and 22 keV, respectively. Thus, although the fractions of incoherently scattered photons are small they contribute signi cantly to the total rms value of residuals. Assuming that one can measure precisely the position of the deposited charge xdeposition , i.e. neglecting a nite strip pitch, diffusion and noise of the readout electronics, the intrinsic spatial resolution can be de ned according to Equation (4.5.1) as: x = (xdeposition xentry )2 (4.5.5)
As explained previously, Windows Server 2008 contains several prede ned consoles for managing a variety of tasks both on local computers and across the network. The following sections provide an overview of these tools. If you look for some of these snap-ins and can t nd them, the reason could be that roles or features are not installed on the server.
where i,1 is the runtime between the source of the ith signal and the rst antenna element, ai,1 is the (complex) amplitude of the signal, and n1 (t) is the noise at the rst antenna element. Consider now the second antenna element. Here the received signal is r2 (t) =
Figure 4.1.17 On-chip single-sided junction FET coupled to the readout node of a SDD
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