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Part I: SolidWorks Basics
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Figure 13.12 Bit error rate of MSK with received-signal-strength-indication-driven selection diversity (solid) and maximum ratio combining (dashed) as a function of the normalized Doppler frequency with Nr diversity antennas.
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This particular assembly is driven by two sketches on different planes to govern the position of the parts. Keep in mind that this assembly has been used for all of the other techniques as well, and so all of these techniques can exist together simultaneously, being controlled by configurations. Examine the assembly to see how the parts are mated to the sketches. This is important. The first time you create a part such as this, you may be tempted to mate part planes to the sketch lines.
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other. But that s the result of your diagnostic work, and not the starting bias that begins the work. People at war are often quite powerful and command impressive armaments. Worse, however, they can be subtle and persuasive, and play to your ego, meaning that you are the White Knight leading a worthy cause. Just remember that knights become cannon fodder, too. Here are four ways to identify, dissect, and enter a consulting proposition that involve warring parties and live to tell about it. 1. Don t accept right and wrong opening gambits. Organizational life is not like an off and on switch; it is like a rheostat, changing brightness and hues by subtle advances or retreats. When the buyer says that the objective is to overcome the foot dragging of operations, or show sales once and for all that they
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4 Click Arrange All.
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of third-party applications and related capabilities, most people are using the smart parts of smart phones more than the phone parts. In fact, it shouldn t surprise you to discover that, according to a recent survey of smart phone users, making phone calls isn t even one of the top five activities people do when alone with the devices. Heck, even texting the subject of the next chapter is more popular than making and receiving calls.
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In Dreamweaver, choose File Open from the menu to display the Open dialog box. Choose the file and click Open. If you re following along with the book example, open the makeover_09_03.html file.
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Wireless Communications
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Table 16-4: MessageQueue Properties Property Description identifier for the queue. Deleting queues To delete a queue, you use the Delete method after you have gotten a reference to a MessageQueue object. The parameter of the Delete method will take either a fully qualified private or fully qualified public queue name, so make sure you reference the machine name and the queue name. The following code will delete a private and public queue named "MyQ". Dim q As MessageQueue ' Deletes Private Queue q.Delete("Server1\Private$\MyQ") ' Deletes Public Queue q.Delete("Server1\MyQ") If you are automating the deletion of a queue, and not hard-coding queue names, you can use the QueueName property or the FormatName property to retrieve the values of the queue names on your machine or network. The following code returns those properties: Console.WriteLine("FormatName = " & Q.FormatName) Console.WriteLine("QueueName = " & Q.QueueName) Returns: FormatName = DIRECT=OS:jb650\private$\myq QueueName = private$\myq In Listing 16-1, the delete queue code takes the FormatName property and uses the Split function to return the fully qualified name, so you will never be wrong on the machine name or the queue name. Alternatively, you could also use the MachineName property and the QueueName property to build the fully qualified path. As a note to you, I had success with the MachineName property on Windows XP, but it returned an empty string on Windows 2000 Server. Referencing queues To reference a queue, either for sending messages or retrieving messages, you will need to use the Path, Label, or FormatName property to tell the queue object where to look. The Path property uses the same syntax to refer to the queue as the Create method. Dim q as New MessageQueue q.Path = "jb650\Private$\MyQ" ' Private Queue q.Path = "jb650\MyQ" ' Public Queue The FormatName property is the fastest, most efficient way to refer to a queue. This is an internal optimization to the way queue names are resolved by the servers. The FormatName property is assigned to a queue when it is created, you do not set this property. The FormatName for MyQ on my machine is: DIRECT=OS:jb650\private$\myq Using the Label property to reference a queue can be a little dangerous. When you created your queue earlier, you did not set the Label property, which is 100% legal. If you are going to reference a queue by its label, make sure you use one of the enumeration methods mentioned earlier to ensure that the queue has a label.
chapter 8
Ensure that all tables are selected (default) and that you designate phpMyAdmin to export to a file (default).
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< xml version= 1.0 encoding= utf-8 > <configuration> <appSettings> <!-- Determiner settings. --> <add key= SqlOrAccessDeterminer_UseSQL value= True /> <!-<!-<!-<!-<add <add The tag values below are included in building a --> class instance namespace. i.e --> Providers.Implementations.Sql.Address or --> Providers.Implementations.Access.Address --> key= SqlOrAccessDeterminer_SqlTag value= Sql /> key= SqlOrAccessDeterminer_AccessTag value= Access /> -->
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