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Remote access consists of three related features:
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Important information is often scattered across Web and/or intranet resources. Traditional search engines return ranked retrieval lists that offer little or no information on the semantic relationships among documents. Knowledge workers spend a substantial amount of their time browsing and reading to nd out how documents are related to one another and where each falls into the overall structure of the problem domain. Yet only when knowledge workers begin to locate the similarities and differences among pieces of information do they move into an essential part of their work: building relationships to create new knowledge. Information retrieval traditionally focuses on the relationship between a given query (or user pro le) and the information store. On the other hand, exploitation of interrelationships between selected pieces of information (which can be facilitated by the use of ontologies) can put otherwise isolated information into a meaningful context. The implicit structures so revealed help users use and manage information more ef ciently (Shipman et al., 1995). Knowledge management tools are needed that integrate the resources dispersed across Web resources into a coherent corpus of interrelated information. Previous research in information integration (see, e.g. Hearst, 1998) has
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where 6, denotes the pointmass 1 at z. allow arbitrary probability measures for E We [in practice, they have to be approximated by a measure of the form (9.10)]. For the sake of simplicity, we consider only the traditional linear estimates (9.11) based on a symmetric design 51;.. . , , For fixed 21,.. , z and a linear f , z. . , these are, of course, the optimal estimates. The restriction to symmetric designs is inessential and can be removed at the cost of some complications; the restriction to linear estimates is more serious and certainly awkward from a point of view of theoretical purity. Then we obtain the following explicit representation of (9.5):
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Figure 7.2.4 Incident azimuth dependence of Fe impurity peak intensity for (a) conventional SSD and (b) improved SSD. Courtesy of Technos Corp., Japan
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Figure 9.35 Gilbert cell topology for a fully balanced mixer implementing active loading with tunable voltage control. dynamic range. The second is appropriate for first-stage, nonzero IF exhibiting a low noise figure and reasonable conversion gain. Both demonstrate the ability of CMOS to perform at extremely low power dissipation levels and lead us to our third design example of an active Gilbert cell mixer topology. The Gilbert cell topology, is shown in Figure 9.35, represents a double-balanced mixer made up of a quad-FET ring, whizh is gate-driven by the differential LO, and the lower differential pair, which is diiven by the RE In this way, the currents flowing in the differential pair are switched by the LO to flow into one or the other PFET active loads. The RF differential pair consists of source-coupled NMOS FETs in saturation and serves as a linear voltage-to-current converter producing a linear differentialoutput current as a function of its small-signal input voltage:
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The Copy Database Wizard actually generates a Data Transformation Service package that can copy or move one or more databases from one server to another. If the database is being moved to a server on the same network server, this is the premiere method. This method won t work to copy a database from SQL Server 2005 to an older version of SQL Server. In addition, both source and destination server must have the SQL Server Agent running (it is stopped by default when working with SQL Server 2005). The Copy Database Wizard offers the most flexibility and capability. Its only limitation is that it requires exclusive access to the database. You access the Copy Database Wizard by right-clicking the database you want to copy and choosing Tasks Copy Database from the context menu. Skip past the Welcome to the Copy Database Wizard page by clicking Next.
Similar to the Project Explorer in VB 6, the Solution Explorer (see Figure 17-6) contains a list of all of the files associated with your current solution. Through the Solution Explorer, you have total management of your project and its corresponding files. Solutions may contain several projects, written in several languages, using several different technologies. It is truly a global view of your solution. As in Visual Studio 6, all project options are available by right-clicking within the Solution Explorer and bringing up the context menu. Because each part of a solution is different, the options available to you will be different depending on what you select
increase the spectral ef ciency in environments where the delay spread is so small that a short cyclic pre x is suf cient. The 802.11n standard also introduces LDPC encoding (compare Section 14.7), which achieves extremely low error probability at the price of higher decoding complexity. The parity-check matrices can be partitioned into square subblocks (submatrices), which are either cyclic permutations of the identity matrix, or all-zero matrices. Twelve different codes are de ned, which are all based on the same codestructure. The codeword sizes and submatrix sizes are 648 (27), 1296 (54), and 1944 (81).
Saving your setup
Building Intelligence into Your Parts
You can maintain more than one release of the installation software if you want to be able to install clients at different release levels. As noted in the preceding example, the setup_install_server command creates a directory specific to the release being installed. A different release of the software created with the same command (and a different CD in the drive) would create a sister directory in /export/install.
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Part IV Enterprise Data Management
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10. Repeat above steps for each antenna and both polarities throughout the frequency spectrum, based on the frequency range of operation for the antenna. 11. For in situ testing or when the EUT cannot be rotated on a turntable, physically move the antenna to alternate locations around the test sample with sufficient confidence level so that all angles of radiated emissions from the EUT can be investigated. 12. The maximum acceptable measured limit at distance d for the specific frequency range is determined using the equation Ld = L30m + Dcf Af CL + Amp where Ld = maximum allowable spectrum analyzer reading at measurement distance d (set the display line for this dB V level) L30m = maximum allowable field strength limit at frequency range as noted in standard Dcf = distance correction factor, which is 20 log(30m/d) Af = antenna factor for particular frequency range being tested (refer to antenna manufacturer s calibration chart) CL = cable loss (refer to cable loss chart) Amp = gain in decibels for preamplifier, if used Check for Spectrum Analyzer or Preamplifier Overload. Strong signals may overload preamplifier or spectrum analyzer inputs. Strong signals must be checked for overload conditions by placing a known-value attenuator in series with the receive antenna cable. The measured reading on the analyzer should drop the same amount as the attenuator level. If the change in the reading is greater than the attenuator value by a significant amount (i.e., by a factor of 2 or more), then most likely the measurement system is overloaded at that frequency. Measurements should be taken with the preamplifier removed from the circuit whenever possible. Note: A preamplifier may not be necessary if the spectrum analyzer noise floor is more than 20 dB below the emission limit for the frequencies being measured. Conducted Emissions (Input AC Power Port) Standard Used as Guide to Testing CISPR 11 (EN 55011) and CISPR 22 (EN 55022) Frequency Range 0.15 30 MHz (or any other frequency range desired) Limits Class A or B, as defined in the standard being referenced Equipment Used to Perform Tests EMC analyzer Spectrum analyzer or receiver, 9 kHz to >30 MHz. Internal tracking generator is desired. (Note: An EMC receiver can be used in lieu of a spectrum analyzer and in fact is preferred.)
technologies shown in Figure 10.2. It is quite clear that the VDD/tox ratio gradually increases for shorter LG; for sub-0.25- tm technologies the VDD/tox ratio is between 4 to 5 MV/cm, which is also consistent with the SIA Roadmap. As mentioned in Section 10.2.5, VDD is usually not an adjustable parameter for device designers, therefore toyx is roughly equal to VDD(5 MV/cm) for sub-0.25-jtm technologies.
(1.375Ms/s) 8-bits
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