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Tag: comment_text_rss() Description: Displays the comment text encoded for XML. Returns: True or False Arguments: None
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If you are the CAD Administrator for a group of users, you may want to incorporate some best practice tips into standard operating procedures for them. The more users that you manage, the more you need to standardize your system.
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Configurations for positions
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The general features for a detector suitable for high quality portable EDXRF equipment should be the following: suf cient good energy resolution (better than 200 250 eV at 5.9 keV); suf cient good ef ciency in the energy interval to be analysed; thin Be window; Peltier cooling, for reducing the size. The typical, high resolution X-ray detector has been for a long time the nitrogen-cooled Si(Li) or HpGe detector, with an energy resolution of about 120 150 eV at 5.9 keV20 22 (Figure 5.3.6). However, the nitrogen cooling makes these detectors dif cult to be used for portable instruments. Proportional gas counters have typically been used as substitutes for nitrogen-cooled detectors in portable EDXRF equipment until about 1994 1995,4,29,30 when thermoelectrically cooled
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Landscape and Nature Photography
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1 Display Slide Master view.
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Adding a New Application
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3. Select the check boxes of those updates you wish to install on your machine
configure links to open in a separate window so that the original web page stays visible. This setting allows you to open these links in a tabbed window rather than start a new Firefox session. Warn when closing Firefox if multiple tabs are open: When closing Firefox, it s easy to forget you have multiple tabs open. This feature causes Firefox to warn you that web sites are open in other tabs. Warn when using multiple tabs might affect the performance of Firefox: Using multiple tabs takes extra processing power, so use tabs with caution if you re running on a slower system. If this option is enabled, Firefox will attempt to notify you when things start getting sluggish. Always show the tab bar at the top, even if there s only one page: By default Firefox doesn t show a tab if there s only one page open. Switch to a new tab page immediately when it s opened: Rather than switch to a new page, you might prefer to stay on the original page when you open a new tab. If this check box isn t selected, Firefox will keep the current tabbed window open instead of switching to the newly opened tab. Be careful when using tabbed browsing on sites that use an authentication method such as a user login. Tabbed browsers are notorious for sharing sessions between tabbed windows, so if you log into a site in one tabbed window, you can access the site in another tabbed window with the same login without logging in. Unfortunately, if you log out from one window, sometimes the other window is still logged into the site. Be especially careful of this feature when using Firefox in a shared workstation environment.
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FigurE 12-30: Saved web-based documents can be found in the Office hub s Documents list.
respectively, and T o randomizes between them with equal probability. Actually, T*= T**with overwhelming probability; T* < T**occurs only if the sample size n = 2m is even and the sample has a large gap in the middle [so that all summands in (10.94) have values f k ] , Although, ordinarily, the nonrandomized midpoint estimate Too= $ ( T * T * * ) seems to have slightly better properties than the randomized T o ,it does not solve the minimax problem; see Huber (1968) for a counterexample. In the particular case where G = is the normal distribution, log g(z - a ) / g ( z u ) = 2ax is linear, and after dividing through 2a, we obtain our old acquaintance
Modifying Recovery Models
Figure 7.1.7 Simulated and measured XRF spectra using a 1000 g/g platinum solution (Lewis et al., 1998)
Part IV: Creating and Using Libraries
ATM Adaptation Layer (AAL) Service Classes/Categories
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