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Once you configure the repository locations, you re ready to use apt-get to update installed software packages and install new packages. The command-line format of the apt-get command is
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Part VII: Looking at the WordPress Ecosystem
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The key to the 802.11n standard is the use of multiple-antenna techniques. The standard foresees a number of different techniques, in particular (i) spatial multiplexing, (ii) space time block coding, (iii) eigenbeamforming, and (iv) antenna selection. The basics of most of those techniques are outlined in Section 20.2; here, we only deal with the speci c implementation in 802.11n. Space Time Coding Space time block codes can be used in an 802.11n system to increase the robustness of the system. In particular, Alamouti codes are used, and can be combined with spatial multiplexing. If there are two transmit Radio Frequency (RF) chains, then one spatial stream is mapped onto those chains (and from there to the antennas) by means of the standard Alamouti code. If there are three transmit antennas and two spatial streams, then one stream is mapped to two RF chains by means of Alamouti encoding, and one stream is mapped directly to the remaining chain. For four transmit chains, either three streams (where one of them is Alamouti encoded), or two streams (with each of them Alamouti encoded) can be used. Different modulation schemes can be used on the different streams; this is motivated by the fact that Alamouti-encoded streams are more robust and can sustain a higher modulation scheme than nonencoded schemes. Another way of achieving transmit diversity is the use of Cyclic Shift Diversity (CSD). This method, which is somewhat similar to delay diversity as described in 13, introduces a different delay for each signal. In contrast to conventional delay diversity, where signals are linearly delayed, in CSD the OFDM symbols are cyclically shifted. In other words, this means that the signal on the k-th subcarrier is shifted by exp[ j 2 k F i ], where k indexes the subcarrier frequency, F is the spacing of the subcarriers, and i is the cyclic shift applied to the i th signal. The cyclic shifts are 0, 400, 200, and 600 ns for the rst, second, third, and fourth spatial stream, respectively. Spatial Multiplexing and Beamforming The dividing of the original data stream results in a total number NSS spatial streams, which can be smaller than, or equal to, the number of available RF chains NRF for the upconversion. In any case, linear combinations of the spatial streams are assigned to the RF chains; these combinations are described by means of the so-called spatial mapping matrix Q, so that for each time instant the vector of spatial-stream vectors x is mapped onto the signals for the RF chains y as y = Qx. The following possibilities are de ned in the standard: Direct mapping: this method is used if NSS = NRF . In the simplest case, Q is either an identity matrix, or it is a diagonal matrix in which the elements perform CSD, so that Qi,i =
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data. Still in 2009, some changes to the number of bodies (such as reducing the number of bodies, and then increasing it by manually, undoing the original change) can still result in unpredictable behavior.
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Flip to 11 to learn about the Windows Registry.
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Just like plugins, cache keys should have their own namespace that is, a naming convention that is unique and will never duplicate core WordPress naming conventions or the naming conventions of other cache keys. Cache keys should also have their own naming conventions. Consider something like an abbreviation for the plugin plus your initials, or something similar. Appending a Unix timestamp (generated with PHP s time() function) is a good way to ensure a cache key is entirely unique given the current Unix timestamp increments every second. n
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Sequence Clustering
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Some of the commands already covered provide a snapshot of memory. For example, the top command showed us this:
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+ cos (y); ( w ) + sin (y) x x&(w,].
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Mains harmonic emissions test setup.
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4 Locate the existing page heading and enclose the text with the necessary tags for a div element.
color and contrast of the whole image by only adjusting the areas in the scene that are too dark or too light.
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Figure 1.5-2. Sampler (a) input and (b) output.
The Internet works on the basis of IP addresses, as already discussed in this chapter. You certainly can access another host computer on the basis of an IP address, but IP addresses are hard to remember and hard to type correctly. Domain names are much easier to remember and enter, but a translation must take place to convert domain names to IP addresses; the various routers and switches depend on this in order to route the data to the correct destination device. This process of translation takes place through the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) and through an address resolution database that resides on a server that is accessed by the originating router. As I mentioned earlier in the chapter, all domain names are maintained in mirrored databases on 13 root (i.e., centralized primary source) Domain Name Servers (DNSs) distributed around the world. Thousands of Domain Name Resolvers (DNRs), located strategically with ISPs and institutional networks, periodically download database updates from the root servers. Through this network of resolvers, translations can be made from domain names and Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) into IP addresses, and vice versa. Suppose, for example, that you want to send e-mail to ray@contextcorporation. com thanking me for writing this book and sharing with me the fact that it has changed your life for the better. (This also is an acronym test. The answers are provided at the end of this little tale.) You might access your ISP from your PC at your SOHO through an ADSL line over a UTP local loop, which the ISP has leased for resale from the ILEC. As the DSL line is always on, you are assigned an IPv4 address on a static basis. Your client PC runs against the ISP s server, both of which run TCP/IP. Your e-mail message makes use of SMTP, an extension of TCP, and is placed on the UTP local loop in serial mode using PPP. As the message reaches the CO, it is uplinked to the ISP through a DSLAM over an unchannelized T-carrier circuit leased from the ILEC. At the ISP location, an e-mail server receives the email message. It then consults a DNS database on another server, translating ray@ into, which is the TLD of the e-mail server of Connect Northwest, the ISP that hosts my TLD as a virtual domain on a logical partition of their domain server. That TLD then is translated into the IPv4 address, which is the IP address of the Northwest Link server. The DNS at your ISP is updated periodically through downloads from one of the InterNIC root
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