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Automating Drawings: The Basics
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FIGURE 2-6 This wizard page helps you con gure the way the taskpad appears.
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The ADO.NET Object Model
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The Ruby programming language was created by Yukihiro Matsumoto in the mid-1990s as an improved scripting language for the Linux environment. It incorporates many features of the Perl scripting language (see 26, Perl and Python ), but it provides a true object-oriented programming environment that is more advanced than the Python programming environment. Much has been made over the origin of the name Ruby. Often it s assumed that Ruby was chosen because it s often considered superior to Perl (think rubies versus pearls). Another theory is based on the fact that the pearl is the birthstone for the month of June and the ruby is the birthstone for July, the next month in the progression. The official explanation from Yukihiro is that the ruby just happens to be the birthstone of a colleague of his, and he thought it would make for a good project name.
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Creating styles directly in your HTML tags The first and simplest way to apply styles is to put formatting HTML tags directly around the text that you want to format - as shown in this example. <font face="verdana"><b><i>Hello World!</i></b></font> But this is exactly what you're trying to avoid doing. One simple way to get away from this is to apply a style directly in the tag of the document. For instance- let's say that you want all the text between the opening and closing <p> tags in your page to be of a certain font style and type. You could apply the style right in the tag very easily. <p style="color:red;font-style:bold"> Here is the text that we want to change </p> This would change the line of text to bolded red. By applying two styles within the paragraph tag- you've changed the appearance of everything between the opening and closing tags. Let's take a look at the stylesheet code that you used to change the text. First of all- you used the attribute style in the HTML tag. You then placed the styles within quotation marks. The first style you applied was color:red. This is your style definition. Style definitions are separated by semicolons- and you can apply as many styles as you wish. There are so many different types of style definitions that you might think you'd need a reference book next to you at all times. However- with Visual Studio .NET- applying styles has become a lot easier because it takes care of creating the style definitions for you. Style Builder Style Builder is Microsoft's way to quickly apply styles to your Web documents. It's a dialog box with a number of screens that allow you to modify the appearance of text and objects in your Web documents (see Figure 39-1).
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WINS Forever
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The Ruby interpreter produced an error message telling me exactly what file and line the error was found in, and what the error is. This information can be invaluable in a 1,000-line application.
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What to Do
Almost all podcasts are distributed in DRM-free MP3 format, regardless of where you find them. This means you can use the best tool for the job. For example, even if you re a Zune device owner who uses the Zune PC software and accesses Zune Marketplace regularly, you can still download podcasts with iTunes. They ll sync right up with the Zune device and work just fine.
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